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Leafs and Flyers


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:) What happened with the Leafs and the Flyers? ??? 6-1 I thought that the Leafs did really good the night before. Eddie was stopping everyone. I turned on ESPN last night to watch the final five minutes of the game, and I was surprised to see that they were that far behind. I know that they had a game the night before, and had to fly to a different city that night but, :ohmy: I guess I didn't think the Leafs would get that far behind. Was Eddie in the goal all night? Does anyone else have any relpies?
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I watched until it was 5-1, end of the 2nd period. Eddie didn't help his cause with 2 penalties. Wasn't one of his best nights. Reminded me of Belfours first game with Dallas vs the Minnesota Wild. Philly also came to play so it was a combination of things.

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What happened? Ed made a bad play moving the puck that cost them plus they gave up a goal with under a minute left in the first. That took the air out of them. They reverted to being the most penalized team in the league. Down a couple and having to kill off a couple of 5 on 3s, Toronto finally ran out of gas.

On a somewhat related note, too bad Bombardir was hurt for the Wild or else we could have seen a UND guy playing in each Game 7 last night:

Toronto/Philly: Toronto goalie Ed Belfour

St. Louis/Vancouver: Vancouver captain Murray Baron

Minnesota/Colorado: Minnesota captain Brad Bombardir

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I was only able to watch the last half of the first period, because I had class for the rest of the game. But from what I saw, the Flyers outplayed the Leafs. To be honest, I expected Toronto to play much better than that. I thought that they would win the series, but in Game 7 Phily came to play Toronto didn't. Penalties didn't help Toronto's chances either. Yes, Eddie was in goal all night (correct me if I am wrong). He just had a bad game. It's no different than Roy getting lit up 7 times in the Avs 7-0 loss in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals last year against Detroit. Good goalies have bad days.

I would not be surprised if Philadelphia looks a little weak and tired in the first game against Ottawa in the Conference semi's. I thinking Ottawa in 5 or 6.

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