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Sejna wins Hobey


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Just got done watching the show and Peter Sejna has just become the first European player to win the Hobey Hardware.

Congrats... He deserved it!

Not to say that Kunitz or LeNeveu didn't have great years and in LeNeveu's case insane numbers but Senja was obviously the best player in College hockey. The commitee (who ever they are) made the right choice!!! :)

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Obviously the right choice...Sejna was one of the best players I've seen to play the game since The Great One, and Super Mario. Go WCHA...let's go for a Hobey three-peat next year.

Also, congrats to the Wild for winning their first ever playoff game @ Colorado, which is as tough a place as any to play, 4-2.

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I'm sorry but I can't send out congrats to the Wild. :)

I understand...To be honest, I would be surprised if the Wild win Game 2. Colorado doesn't lose two in a row at home very often. I still have hope though. :)

Oh, BTW...JJ is the Best 33, The proper hockey terms for LeNeveu's numbers are insane and sick. They were far from amazing. ;)

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