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Per Brad's Blog.

UND's lines

20 Matt Watkins--29 Chris VandeVelde--17 Rylan Kaip

10 Andrew Kozek--7 T.J. Oshie--16 Ryan Duncan

19 Evan Trupp--11 Darcy Zajac--21 Matt Frattin

26 Kyle Radke--22 Brad Malone--8 Ryan Martens

4 Taylor Chorney--28 Robbie Bina

2 Joe Finley--5 Chay Genoway

6 Zach Jones--3 Derrick LaPoint

1 Phil Lamoureux

30 Aaron Walski

Anchorage's lines

22 Jared Tuton--34 Brad McCabe--16 Tommy Grant

21 Josh Lunden--17 Craig Parkinson--9 Kevin Clark

14 Merit Waldrop--20 Paul Crowder--27 Sean Wiles

24 Blair Tassone--37 Peter Cartwright--18 Chris Tarkir

5 Luke Beaverson--33 Mat Robinson

10 Shane Lovdahl--23 Luka Vidmar

4 Kane Lafranchise--42 Trevor Hunt

1 Bryce Christianson (first college start)

30 Jon Olthuis

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Hakstol Pre-game comments:

Alaska is a team that cycles well and takes the puck to the net, so we'll have to play well defensively. Offensively, we just need to keep doing what we've been doing and cycle the puck well.

I think we played one of our best game here against Tech. We need to do similar things to this team this weekend. They clog the neutral zone well, so we need to move as a team of 5 to get past that.

Alaska doesn't pack it in low as much as Tech. We saw the exact opposite last weekend in Mankato. These guys are probably in between.

We tried Trupp on the top line last week, and quite frankly, it wasn't working real smooth. Real easy to go back to his regular line and they were great Saturday night. We're anxious to see what Kozek can do with Oshie and Duncan, but overall, we're still looking for a fit there.

Team defense comes down to team pride. It's something that everyone can do. Obviously, it starts with Phil, but the guys in front of him have been battling hard, and that's something that needs to continue.

We have to keep putting pucks on net during the PP. I know their coach doesn't feel their goaltending has been good enough so they're going with a young guy tonight. We need to get pucks to the front of the net.

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It will be interesting to see how Christianson will do tonight. He knows it's his time to shine so I think he'll be on his game. I agree, let the pucks fly at him fast, hard and often, make him work for it!

I'm sure he'll have some butterflies, so a lot of it will be decided by how he does on his first few shots, which also depends on how difficult they are. New college goalies (okay, most college goalies) go down quick, so shoot high boys!

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