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  1. One of my Favorite Regular Season Wins was at UMD in January of 1999.  Down by 1 and scoring 2 goals in the last 6 seconds for the win.  Winning on the Road is the Best and listens to the UMD fans around us thinking the game was over and the misery on their face after was wonderful. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, mn_sioux said:

    Humm... I think the NCAA shuts down the season and awards the National Championship to the team that is #1 in the pairwise.

    As much as I want #9.  This would make me puke if it was won this way.


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  3. I always feel bad for the assistants when the Head Coach gets fired.  Most the the time they are without a job also and have no buy out and didn't make nearly as much as the Head Coach.

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  4. How many years did he have left?  He was a good step in the right direction, but seems like we need someone different to take the next step.

  5. 21 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

    So fans.  Here lies the question:

    Do you rather want Penn State in Pennsylvania, or Denver in Colorado.

    IMHO they put Cornell in Albany so that's out of the question for us.  I think if Denver does something crazy like win the NCHC tournament and moves way up we will be in PA.

    Funny how where our guys end up is controlled by how Denver plays until the NCAA tournament.  


    Why not UMass in Worcester?  That would be my preference.

  6. 1 hour ago, BarnWinterSportsEngelstad said:

    The pollsters drop us to third place. Do they know something?


    While PairWise still has us at # 1.

    IMO The top 3 could be interchangeable.  All 3 are very good teams.  As soft as Cornel's schedule is you don't only lose 2 games if you are not a very good team.     

  7. 20 minutes ago, squirtcoach said:

    Looking at the 4 teams in the running for the last #1 seed and their RPI and PWR, it still looks to me that the NCHC frozen faceoff game between DU and UMD will be for “which team gets the last change in Loveland”.  And of course, for a shot at the University of North Dakota team Saturday night.


    i am sure if I dusted off my monte carlo statistics program I could tell you the probability.

    Western Michigan might have something to say about that.  W. Michigan might be 3 seed

  8. Too Many True Freshman playing right now.  I like the Freshman class they just should not be playing as much as they are right now.  Give these ladies a couple years and I think they can compete for a Summit championship.  The Team is really missing Melissa Leet and i think that is why they are playing so reckless.  If they let the opponent get set up they get killed in the paint.  Right now no team in the Summit is able to play with USD not ever SDSU.  They seem to be the best Women's Basketball team since any of the Dakota schools have joined the Summit.  It will be interesting to see how they do in the NCAA tournament.

  9. 1 hour ago, Fader said:

    Decided to give this a try.  Here's my guess for this week:

    Northeast-Albany (ECAC host):

       3) Cornell  vs 13) Maine,   7) U Mass vs 10) ASU

    East-Worcester (Holy Cross host):

       4) Duluth vs 13) Quinnipiac,   6) Boston College vs 9) Clarkson

    Midwest- Allentown (PSU host):

       1) North Dakota vs 16) AIC,  8) PSU vs 10) UM Lowell

    West-Loveland (Denver host):

      2) Mankato vs 15) Ohio St,  5) Denver vs 12) Northeastern.


    Made swaps to avoid first-round conference match ups.  (think I avoided them anyway).

    If they send Mankato to Loveland in the same region as the best 2 seed and host Denver than heads better roll.


  10. 14 hours ago, CarpeRemote said:

    Asking for a friend,
    Does the whole Sioux/Hawks thing keep the crowd out of it a bit? Can’t agree on cheers etc, won’t yell “Sioux”, or won’t yell “Hawks“? 

    Last time I was in ND was Feb 14, 2014. Girlfriend and I flew across the country to introduce her to UND hockey and ask her to marry me. The game with DU was a tie but the building was undeniably quiet compared my years. 

    I wanted to start a section chant but yelling either name seemed awkward. 

    Yes, The last couple games I've been to there has been a graphic up on the scoreboard "Let go Hawk" trying to get the "Lets go Hawks" cheer going.  I few people chant "Lets go Sioux" but that is about it.

  11. 21 hours ago, sioux rube said:

    Like anyone is getting up from this intent to injure hit 


    Look like he needs to learn to slide or to protect himself.  Wouldn't be helmet to helmet if he isn't diving forward.


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  12. 100% sure that was a backward pass and the ref's should have to answer for it.  No way should the whistle have been blown.  When it is close like that you need to let it play out.  You can always review the call and reverse it.  No way to reverse the call after blowing whistle and calling it incomplete.  With that said no one knows for sure what the outcome would be after that.  One thing is for sure ILL States chances are much greater if the Ref's get the call correct.  

    Hope justice is served this weekend and Montana St kicks their a$$.


  13. 8 minutes ago, rochsioux said:

    Normally I would agree. For the first time ever I will hope ndsu wins.  If somehow Nicholls pulled the upset it would just give the AD a reason to keep Bubbba since they lost to a team that just beat ndsu. 

    For UND to get to a championship level Bubba has to go.  He is not the guy to do it.  Unfortunately I suspect they will see it as progress that they made the playoffs and Bubba will be back.  Just delays the inevitable that must happen if UND is going to compete for an FCS title.  I certainly hope I’m wrong. 

    Are F'n kidding me.  Hope NSDU wins?  Never ever ever.   Bubbas not going anywhere regardless of what happens next week

  14. If they are thinking playing Holm against Ndsu assuming they make it I'd just sit him next game.  Not willing to burn a whole year of eligibility for what would likely be a loss with or without him.  

    If pull off miracle and beat NDSU he plays rest of year 

  15. 3 hours ago, Nodak78 said:

    Bump this.  If you haven't listened to this podcast with Kent Haslam, you need to.

    This is a good Listen.  

    Is there any place to see the SRS computer rankings?  That's seem to be a key piece to selecting the field.


  16. 12 minutes ago, BIGSIOUX said:

    Holm is planning to play next year. 

    So I wonder does he play last 2 games of season and shut it down even if they make playoffs or sit next 2 games and play up to 2 games in playoffs.  I'm guessing he playes next 2 games and sits for playoffs.  

  17. 1 hour ago, SIOUXFAN97 said:

    maybe you fumble and since you have no timeouts you get the ball back with 30 seconds and you lose the game...just take a knee, fair catch it, or let er go out the back of the endzone.

    I guess you can either play to win or play not to lose.  I would play to win, but to each their own I guess 

  18. 4 minutes ago, Siouxperman8 said:

    Here is a picture of the kickoff with the tie score just before the ball was kicked.  It's unfortunate for us they didn't see the offside.  He had to be a full yard offside by the time it was stuck.  I have no idea how closely they call this.  nobody else was close to the line.



    I'd be more upset if you recovered an on-side kick or forced a fumble.  We lost because we made one less play.  Plenty of things we could of done better what may have change the out come.  There were a few things that when our way.  It happens.  Time to move on .  Beat the snot out of UNC and SUU and  hopefully make playoffs.  

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  19. 1 hour ago, SIOUXFAN97 said:

    just to get this straight....with 15 seconds on the clock of a tied game with no to's you are gonna run what play again???

    Run it out and see what happens.  Maybe you are FG range, maybe you run it all the way back.


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