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  1. That would be prime time for Women’s College Lacrosse. ESPN can’t take up time will College Hockey.
  2. Yes, there is nothing in it for UND unless they become a full athletic member and the B1G isn't looking for that.
  3. I say we play the hand and accept an offer if and only if we become a full athletic member. Only reasonable that the states flagship university is in a Power 5. And the two men's teams on the chopping block (baseball & golf) are saved as the B1G sanctions both sports.
  4. Must not be too many women in general on campus. Just saw this one on Reddit...
  5. And what other sport wears a large crest across their chest other than the hockey team? Zero. Every other team has "North Dakota" across their chest. Thus "North Dakota" is maxime superiores, "The Very Best"
  6. Just "North Dakota" should do. The possibilities are endless and nothing with be half as good as the previous. http://i.imgur.com/5ZCYlID.jpg http://i.imgur.com/5tMMvK4.jpg http://i.imgur.com/1QJbPro.jpg
  7. RIT MSU game looks like a different league as far as pace and talent goes.
  8. Apparently,the Dunk can't even afford to turn on all their lights..
  9. TV timeout won't happen after an icing or during a power play for momentum reasons.
  10. Also some very well done fan updates to NCAA Men's Hockey uniform concepts. Will be interested to see what he does with UND. http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/102731-ncaa-div1-hockey-umd/
  11. Fighting Pike credit to hettinger_rl @ boards.sportslogos.net
  12. I don't think the QU coach is blowing smoke. Has any of you tried getting a flight for a family of 4 in or out of North Dakota with less then a weeks notice? Not to mention 30+ with student athletes, coaches, trainers, etc. Good Luck, probably blow the schools athletics budget for a year plus... They would definitely be better bussing up from Minny.
  13. Let Your Love Flow 2015 MN All Hockey Hair Team
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