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  1. FBAlum

    2017 Season

    Noah can't leave at this point unless he want to sit and lose a year of eligibility. Schobert was a walk-on. If we would have offered him $300 for books he would have been in the same situation.
  2. I agree... I have been to a number of SEC B1G stadiums. Some have an Assigned Lot. But not specific spaces.
  3. Respectfully disagree. Why not meet new people every game and build the experience? Why is it neccessary to have the exact same parking spaces in an open parking lot? Maybe if you are at a huge stadium in the SEC or B1G. Where there are 10's of Thousands of people out tailgating.
  4. How many other places have reserved tailgating? It is the most frustrating thing and limiting thing, in my opinion, that has taken away from tailgating. Let alone dangerous when there are people that just buy them for a reserved parking spot that they roll into 10 minutes before the game.
  5. The problem with it is not folks like your self who come to every game and are actually there tailgating... It is the ones who come driving in 20 minutes before the game starts and there are kids running around everywhere etc. They are not tailgating... They are looking for a reserved spot. I personally think that if you are dedicated enough to come and tailgate then you should be able to be around other tailgaters. Not isolated 25 spots away from the nearest group...
  6. FBAlum

    2017 Season

    They can start by not having assigned spots in the tailgating zone... Tailgating was MUCH better when you had a spot in the space... Just not assigned spaces... It would promote people coming early to get a good spot and also enhance camaraderie when it is cold outside and there is limited numbers of people there tailgating... I have always thought it was ridiculous when you have people all spread out... The second thing they could do is include the students... Allow them to come into the same spaces as everyone else... Excluding them from the fun etc. and it makes them not want t
  7. Couldn't agree more... Literally every time I see him refer to the Summit in this way I move on... Have some class man... Honestly, you just make your self look petty.
  8. I actually really like the Thunderbird logo... It is unique. The Fighting Sioux Name and logo were unique and amazing. The F'n Hawks is not unique... However the Thunderbird logo that this guy put together is very cool. I would buy a hat with that circle logo for sure... Also, just to have something that isn't like every other Hawk, Eagle, Falcon, whatever...
  9. This... They are building their brand and portfolio... All of us here are building the brand just by talking about it... Pretty simple concept
  10. FBAlum

    2016 Season

    For Some reason I had it in my head he played his true freshman year... My mistake
  11. FBAlum

    2016 Season

    Why doesn't he take a normal red shirt this year. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that you can take your red shirt year in any of your available 5 years on the team.. He didn't see the field this year if my memory is correct...
  12. Lets See you put something together then...
  13. My point is that shouldn't even be on our play sheet right now... Our OC needs to know not to call that play... Regardless... Both were very poor decisions (the decision to throw it, and the play call itself)
  14. Reyes, Rich, Smith for sure... plus one of the online got hurt on the flea flicker...
  15. I hope injuries don't derail this good feeling...
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