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  1. Do they serve alcohol at the kohls center?
  2. Had some people back out last min and now have 2 extra tickets for Saturday's game. Section 221 Row 5 Seats 16 -17. $40 each obo. Send an email to littlebreadman@gmail.com
  3. Sorry, I should add some details, I just moved away from Grand Forks so I won't have local channels. I know in the past the games could be found on some high number channels both with dish and direct TV for most home games. Guess I will be getting the Webcast this year.
  4. With the switch to the NCHC there has been a lot of talk about TV, however I haven't seen any definitive answers on if the home games will be broadcast on directtv or dish, and if so what channel.
  5. Does anyone have an idea on how the WCHA will play out if the top teams fall like we see. Does MN get the night games being the "home team" and should which thur. game will the Sioux be playing in if they stay 3rd seed?
  6. click on the MSU box to the lower right side of the player.
  7. Took 75 to Wheaton last night. About half hour to gf now. We are the first fan bus to make it back.
  8. Have a group of 20 going sitting in sect 101 fri and 108 I believe sat. Taking a bus from Gf. Sounds like we have seats open if people are interested. Also I believe it's the only bus that is leaving they can have beer on board.
  9. I have 3 general admin tickets for tonight's umd game. They are in the student section. Face value is 40 but I'll consider all offers. Call or text 7013305158
  10. Heads up for anyone going to the UNO games. I just got tickets for the Friday game from the UNO ticket office. They said they are going on sale around Thanks giving however we had a group of 20 total so he sold them early to us. Not sure if this will work for everyone but hope it does.
  11. I haven't seen Zane play but if this team has any holes next year it will be in goal tending. Dell was great last year, however I don't believe he ever earned the spot this year. Neither did Eides for that matter. Don't get me wrong, I think Dell is a solid goal tender, he has the fundamentals down and is almost always in position and never gives up juicy rebounds but he has never been able to make the big saves that Eides could come up with. It's one of those tough calls as to which goal tender to choose since both were very good. I personally would have kept the rotation going into playoffs. But, I'm not a coach getting paid the big bucks.
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