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  1. oldskool

    Digger vs Ratelle vs Tibesar vs LeClair

    How about that guy from international falls
  2. oldskool

    2017-2018 Recruiting

    Any thoughts on the local talent
  3. oldskool

    2015 Recruiting

    I researched shooters for this team from articles I read this year: Lauck-senior Dillon-injured Dyer-sophomore Strand-freshman injured Buckley-injured Only 2 out of 5 played the whole season. Hopefully the incoming group will help fill the void from the perimeter
  4. oldskool

    Volleyball Recruiting

    Poiske left a "championship" team? hmmm. eight new players hmmmm.
  5. oldskool

    2015 Recruiting

    Have you talked with him? If he's giving you info, then you must be close to him because the times I've talked with him, he's protective of the players, no matter there skill and contributions to the team. A better job.... Pretty quick to judge, considering he's been with the program for established period of time. The team played post season again. I've heard him say it was a "adequate" season but not his "ideal one". Sounds like he wants to achieve more for the university. IMO
  6. oldskool

    Future UND/ Bison football Game

    Play the game for the new players on both teams and era in nodak athletics.
  7. oldskool

    Pre-Season NIT

    Good news for the team. It should help recruiting.
  8. Its time for UND to take care of business.
  9. oldskool

    Future UND/ Bison football Game

  10. oldskool

    Conference tournament to be in Las Vegas in 2016?

    It would be cool to know where to go and book tickets. The question is what do the coaches think? FYI women's team had best road record in BSC and i will agree it was fun to watch in the betty at least once.
  11. oldskool

    2015 Recruiting

    The recruiting battle goes on and so does the rivalry. At least we know Brewster puts a priority on local talent, which means he is not leaving like SUU and UNC coach in the conference.
  12. oldskool

    2015 Recruiting

    20 pts, 10 rbs, and All State selection. Another Fargo player to UND like Burck, hopefully Klabo devlops as Burck has if not more.
  13. oldskool

    2015 Recruiting

    Recruiting will be key again. Its seems that Brewster and his staff have some work to do. Madi Buck is gone but the Morton kid seems Pretty good. I hear the 4 players in state are on the radar.
  14. oldskool


    There is more than one reason why we don't have D1 talent after "5 freakin years" For 1 we were in the great west conference, for most D1 talent it is not there dream to play D1 basketball in the great west conference. 2 there is no post season play when we are in transition how many D1 talent kids want to come play when there is no chance of post season play? 3 the nickname, until June this issue was still not resolved, with sanctions against the school that is another obstacle that made recruiting difficult. I don't think Brewster bit off more than he can chew, I think he just needs time to be able to get the talent he needs to have a successful program again. He learned from one of the best and he was the recruiting coordinator when Langen and Kimbrough were brought in. Give him a break and let him work with what he has