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  1. You are really good at making things up, bravo. No one has ever said Ft. Wayne does not want the Horizon. What people (think media types) have said, the Horizon does not want Ft. Wayne. As for UNC. Again you spew the false theory that they pull in a high percentage of students from California. No, they don't. CU does because CU is a rich kids party school and Boulder is considered cool. Take a look at the demographics of UNC students. Ninety percent are from Colorado, the majority from the Northern Front Range and Northern Denver metro. Many are low income or middle income. Over 20% Hispanic with a large number being first generation. You get the picture, not really party skiing types. Does it mean UNC would choose a move to the Summit? No, but the school has an issue in the Big Sky. No rivals, little success, isolated from the rest of the league, things have not gone well at UNC since moving up. At one time there had been talk of them dropping FB and attempting to join DU in the Summit. The school has a money problem, the money issue is still there, dropping FB seems to not be on the table right now. Now continue on. It is always fun seeing you attempt to justify one of your new theory's.
  2. Exactly. DU has an odd array of sports and the Summit was ok with them not adding any new sports. The WAC had just imploded and DU refused to be associated with the schools that were being brought in as replacements. The Summit was more then happy to provide them a landing spot. DU has always wanted into the WCC and will always want the WCC. DU going to the Summit had nothing to do with UND or Omaha. It was the best option for them at the time. GCU not being brought into the Summit was 100% likely due to two items. The stigma of the for profit and travel. Yes, they are now "non-profit" but if you look at the structure, the for-profit is still in control.
  3. That's a stretch, even for you. I have read through the past couple weeks of this thread today and I'm still confused as to what you are stating. Is the BSC going FBS? The WAC? The Summit? You are all over the place. I suggest taking Christmas off so you can come back with some new, fresh takes. Right now you seem lost.
  4. What's sad about it? We need D1 home games. When you are a strong Men's mid-major getting teams to show up at your place is incredibly difficult. No one wants to play us at Frost. We get the BSC and WAC schools to come but no one else will. I suggest you head over to the Wisconsin board and rip them for playing SSU this week. After which head o over to the Iowa board for doing the same. Oh, and after the fact go rip Texas A&M and Georgia who both played SSU this year. You really need to begin understanding how D1 basketball works.
  5. The Aussie pool at USD is through Todd Lee, their new head coach. He built the connections while at Grand Canyon.
  6. There have been some. DU comes to mind. USD has had a number of really strong women from Australia and their new Men's coach is has a lot of connections to Australia and is bringing in some very good players from that country.
  7. Kelby Krabbenhoft was not a former Augie athlete, he didn't even attend the school. He was an athlete at Moorhead State and later attended Mankato to get his Masters. The facts on him are really easy to find. Is he an Augie booster? Yes, he had a son attend the school to play FB. Of course he also had a son attend Wisconsin and a daughter attend Moorhead. More then an Augie booster, Krabbenhoft is a SIOUX FALLS booster, thus the feather in his cap getting the league offices to move closer to the geographical center of the league. Where you and I can agree, I do not want Augie (not many SDSU fans want Augie) in the Summit. Maybe moving the league offices is a bone thrown to Kelby thus taking Augustana off the map. The Sioux Falls media have been pimping Augie to the Summit. The school administration, pummeled by the local media has been coy about a possible move. Several have openly discussed the problems Augustana faces in fundraising, student population, facilities, and long term viability at the D1 level. Even their President admitted that they may be better off staying D2 and that a lot of their boosters like that they have been able to have success at the D2 level. A lot of the Augie talk seems to surround the league tournament and some boosters wanting them to be part of the SLT. Moving to D1 for one weekend a year would be a stupid move. I do not believe that the leadership at Augie are that stupid. I highly doubt SDSU, USD or NDSU are interested in bringing Augie in the league. Would the league risk losing SDSU or NDSU by bringing in Augie? Do they want the two schools to begin looking for league options? The continued success of the league as a whole relies on the two XDSU's sticking around.
  8. And they are not going to get $100 million handed to them by Sanford. If they do the noise around state of South Dakota would be deafening. It would be a PR nightmare. My guess is they give them something to kick start a capital campaign that, from my understanding, includes a target of increasing the student body to 3,000 by 2030.
  9. The MAC and Sunbelt schools are public universities. All of whom receive funding from the state, all of whom are large enough to also draw from student fees. At least try to do some homework before posting.
  10. Sanford isn't paying for the Frost renovation. Where do you get this stuff? The reason people rip on you is that you sit at your computer and make things up, then post them as fact. T Denny cares about one thing and one thing only. His name being on buildings. He could give a rats butt about what SDSU does in regards to Augustana. As for Augie. I suggest you listen to the interviews again. She didn't deny D1, she didn't confirm it. In fact, when hounded about the subject she stated, more then once. They will look into again (they did so 12 years ago and found it did not work) and make a decision based on facts. She stated very clearly that they are happy at D2, and that a lot of their boosters like Augie being D2 because they can compete. Translation, "we sucked in the old NCC and if we move up we could very well suck again". Which would kill their athletic department. Stop trying to push your agenda on other schools and administrators. Stop playing games with words and stop pretending you have any idea what is going on.
  11. UMKC left ( and it is mentioned in the below article) because they felt getting to the NCAA tournament would be easier in a new WAC. Oakland wanted into the Horizon from the day they announced the move to D1. Detroit is their natural rival. They made no bones about their intention from the date they joined the Mid-Con. IUPUI wanted into the Horizon based on geography. It is the same reason IPFW want it. Entry into the Horizon places them into a bus league saving a lot of money and creating geographic rivals. By Andrew Vaupel – Associate Editor, Online, Kansas City Business Journal Mar 6, 2018, 8:15am CST Updated Mar 6, 2018, 7:44am The University of Missouri-Kansas City's affiliation with the Western Athletic Conference is beginning to take its toll. According to KCUR, the university joined the WAC in 2013 primarily to give its men's basketball team a better shot at landing an automatic bid in the NCAA tournament. However, the team has managed only one winning season since joining the conference.
  12. Why is it comical? Because it went against your statement that DU get a large portion of students from California? What you seem to be missing, most DU students could give a rats axx about where their athletics are affiliated. The reality is that DU do not have a lot of options. They have an odd offering of sports which do not fit any league. Yes they would like the WCC, and yes they would leave the Summit for the WCC. The problem is that DU only offer 2 Men's sports played in the WCC. Their women are a little better, they offer 4. If DU gets an offer to join the WCC it is going to cost them a lot of money. They will be REQUIRED to add Men's baseball which would mean also adding a new Women's sport to cover Title IX. They will also be required to pay an annual subsidy to WCC schools to cover the additional travel cost. By the way, just so you know. I have a number of friends who have sent their kids to DU from Minnesota. They aren't sending their kids to Denver so they can "go skiing on the weekends". It is a good school, with a solid academic reputation, a school that is geographically diverse. If they want their kids to hang with Californian's and party, they would send their kids to CU Boulder. Maybe you have the two schools mixed up.
  13. DU get 7.5% of their students from California. They get 5.8% from Illinois and 4.3% from Minnesota, two Summit states. Not a big difference, hardly something that his going to "decrease" enrollment. Especially for a school that already accepts 73% of all those who apply. I do think they would join the WCC if offered. I highly doubt they get an offer, and if they do, it is going to cost them a great deal of annual cash which they would be required to pay to cover the added travel costs for the smaller WCC schools who aren't fond on spending money on athletics.
  14. Summit league tournament history, since moving and the two XDSU's becoming eligible is below. The regular season league winner is in bold letters, the SLT championship game with the winner listed first is below. As you can see, SDSU has been at the top of the league for a while now. As has NDSU. Neither are "sneaking" in to the NCAA birth from the 5 - 8 spot. SDSU has gone to the NCAA tournament 4 times. Twice we have been the 2 seed (2015-16 we shared the regular season title with WIU but lost the tie breaker). We have gone one time as a 1 seed and last year, we were a 4 seed. I get UND fans, and even some USD fans complaining, but NDSU fans complaining? NDSU have gone 3 times from Sioux Falls. Including an upset of 1 seed SDSU in 2014-15. The tournament is the highest drawing mid-major tournament in the country. That includes drawing larger crowds then the MVC last season. The MVC still had Wichita last year, WSU filled the place. We have seen years when SDSU was not in the title game. Including last year's women's title game between IUPUI and WIU. That game still drew over 5,000. In 2010 and 2011 neither XDSU were in the championship game. Both games had over 5,000 in attendance (at the old Arena). SDSU's "home court" advantage is overblown. Yes we beat out 1 seed USD last year. A rivalry game, SDSU were the hottest team in the league at the end of the season and SDSU had the best player in the league (Mike Daum). That will sometimes give you that result. To those USD fans posting. Funny how I don't hear a lot of complaints from SDSU fans who watched our 1 seeded women falling to 5 seeded USD a few years back. UND will be fine in the Summit and I expect, if UND are a high seed, your fans will travel better then NDSU. A school that sends a few hundred fans to the tournament when they are a 1 or 2 seed. The only thing that needs to change at the SLT, get rid of the 2 year ticket buying policy and adjust the days to allow for those schools further away to travel better on the weekend. A Sunday night title game would be perfect. The problem is that ESPN still dictates for TV. As for schools leaving because of the tournament? IUPUI and Oakland both left the league because geographically they fit better in the Horizon. It is the same reason UND is leaving the Big Sky. Geographically it makes sense. IPFW will do the same if they get a call from the HL. It is a much better fit for them. UMKC left for a few reason but the biggest, ORU and Oakland were leaving and they feared the Summit was dying. Bad move, now UMKC want back in. 2008-09 North Dakota State (16-2) North Dakota State (1) Oakland (3) 2009-10 Oakland (17-1) Oakland (1) IUPUI (2) 2010-11 Oakland (17-1) Oakland (1) Oral Roberts (2) 2011-12 Oral Roberts (17-1) South Dakota State (2) Western Illinois (4) 2012-13 South Dakota State/Western Illinois (13-3) South Dakota State (1) North Dakota State (3) 2013-14 North Dakota State (12-2) North Dakota State (1) Fort Wayne (2) 2014-15 South Dakota State/North Dakota State (12-4) North Dakota State (2) South Dakota State (1) 2015-16 South Dakota State/Fort Wayne (12-4) South Dakota State (2) North Dakota State (5) 2016-17 South Dakota (12-4) South Dakota State (4) Omaha (3)
  15. Here is the problem with your theory. It is widely known and discussed nationally that the next round of CFP will not be kind to G5 leagues. It is the reason the ACC are trying to position themselves as P6 in the hopes that when the CFP happens they are looked at more favorably then the MWC, and not included with the SBC, CUSA and MAC. The big TV money is drying up and what is left will be kept by the P5 (or P6). G5 will need to survive the old fashioned way. The financial upside is disappearing. Something your theories do not take into account.
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