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  1. Unless something has changed, Augie can't afford the WAC. They admitted as much early on. For them it is Summit or NSIC/D2.
  2. It was also SDSU minus their top player, pre-season all league pick Myah Selland in what is really a re-building year for SDSU. SDSU and USD are nationally recognized women's programs. UND will be fine, you have a young team. My guess is your women learned some pretty good lessons last night as they will when they play USD in Vermillion. Hopefully UND does not do what NDSU did, give up on Women's basketball. SDSU and USD need UND to be good.
  3. jacksfan29

    2019 Season

    Kolpach and Izzo like pumping UND in the hopes of getting more readers. No team will be seeing a seed with 3 losses. SDSU have losses to a top 20 Gophers and NDSU. We lose in the next three weeks we will not get a seed.
  4. jacksfan29

    2019 Season

    SDSU are overrated? A lot of FB knowledge went into that post.
  5. Your comment makes no sense. To answer the question, 95% it gets approved, 5% it does not. The fact that they have a league invite already and strong finances means the NCAA will more then likely approve. They are also getting kicked out of their current conference, expect it to be approved.
  6. You are really good at making things up, bravo. No one has ever said Ft. Wayne does not want the Horizon. What people (think media types) have said, the Horizon does not want Ft. Wayne. As for UNC. Again you spew the false theory that they pull in a high percentage of students from California. No, they don't. CU does because CU is a rich kids party school and Boulder is considered cool. Take a look at the demographics of UNC students. Ninety percent are from Colorado, the majority from the Northern Front Range and Northern Denver metro. Many are low income or middle income. Over 20% Hispa
  7. Exactly. DU has an odd array of sports and the Summit was ok with them not adding any new sports. The WAC had just imploded and DU refused to be associated with the schools that were being brought in as replacements. The Summit was more then happy to provide them a landing spot. DU has always wanted into the WCC and will always want the WCC. DU going to the Summit had nothing to do with UND or Omaha. It was the best option for them at the time. GCU not being brought into the Summit was 100% likely due to two items. The stigma of the for profit and travel. Yes, they are now "non-profit" b
  8. That's a stretch, even for you. I have read through the past couple weeks of this thread today and I'm still confused as to what you are stating. Is the BSC going FBS? The WAC? The Summit? You are all over the place. I suggest taking Christmas off so you can come back with some new, fresh takes. Right now you seem lost.
  9. What's sad about it? We need D1 home games. When you are a strong Men's mid-major getting teams to show up at your place is incredibly difficult. No one wants to play us at Frost. We get the BSC and WAC schools to come but no one else will. I suggest you head over to the Wisconsin board and rip them for playing SSU this week. After which head o over to the Iowa board for doing the same. Oh, and after the fact go rip Texas A&M and Georgia who both played SSU this year. You really need to begin understanding how D1 basketball works.
  10. The Aussie pool at USD is through Todd Lee, their new head coach. He built the connections while at Grand Canyon.
  11. There have been some. DU comes to mind. USD has had a number of really strong women from Australia and their new Men's coach is has a lot of connections to Australia and is bringing in some very good players from that country.
  12. Kelby Krabbenhoft was not a former Augie athlete, he didn't even attend the school. He was an athlete at Moorhead State and later attended Mankato to get his Masters. The facts on him are really easy to find. Is he an Augie booster? Yes, he had a son attend the school to play FB. Of course he also had a son attend Wisconsin and a daughter attend Moorhead. More then an Augie booster, Krabbenhoft is a SIOUX FALLS booster, thus the feather in his cap getting the league offices to move closer to the geographical center of the league. Where you and I can agree, I do not want Augie (not many SD
  13. And they are not going to get $100 million handed to them by Sanford. If they do the noise around state of South Dakota would be deafening. It would be a PR nightmare. My guess is they give them something to kick start a capital campaign that, from my understanding, includes a target of increasing the student body to 3,000 by 2030.
  14. The MAC and Sunbelt schools are public universities. All of whom receive funding from the state, all of whom are large enough to also draw from student fees. At least try to do some homework before posting.
  15. Sanford isn't paying for the Frost renovation. Where do you get this stuff? The reason people rip on you is that you sit at your computer and make things up, then post them as fact. T Denny cares about one thing and one thing only. His name being on buildings. He could give a rats butt about what SDSU does in regards to Augustana. As for Augie. I suggest you listen to the interviews again. She didn't deny D1, she didn't confirm it. In fact, when hounded about the subject she stated, more then once. They will look into again (they did so 12 years ago and found it did not work) and make a
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