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  1. This is great how you all have lucky superstitions. We did too at UND. We would light a candle on a shrine of newspaper clippings and pucks. We would walk through the tunnel under Columbia Ave. on the way to games and rub the Sioux logo for good luck. I remember when people vandalized it and we surprisingly lost one game that weekend. Is that geometric logo still there, do they have the new one or aren't they painted there anymore. We also would play what we called the hockey song, for who knows what reason which was the Beastie Boys song "Whacha Whacha Whacha Want" I think? It was on th
  2. We are also in 117 row 10. That is great to know that we will have some Sioux fans in our sections. I am not sure if we are going to Reids on Wedenesday yet or not because I don't know the details of what is going on yet. Hopefully some other people out there can answer some of these questions for me. Some people keep saying that the final five doesn't matter and all they care about are the NCAA's. I don't agree with this at all, sure it is the ultimate goal, but, I think that every chance the Sioux have to be honored and make an impression in college hockey is very important to the schoo
  3. I don't know how the players can control their nerves when I can't and I'm not even playing. Eventhough I know the final score will be a 5-3 Sioux win, it's still tough to wait with this much anticipation. Is anybody going to Tom Reid's on Wednesday night? I heard that there is a kickoff party for the tournament, is that right? I was just wondering who everybody else will be cheering for in the other games? We all know that the Sioux will win the entire thing, but who would you like to see them go up against for an exciting matchup, not just an easy win? Also, who do you think will get t
  4. I had a feeling it was you. Hopefully I can come up and visit again next year. Until then, GO SIOUX!!!
  5. I know it's tough because we all want to be optimistic and we are biased, but I just wanted to see what people thought and would answer. Sorry I misspelled somebody, I am not one of siouxrock's cohorts!
  6. Hey is this the diggler from the old arena with the green jersey who always sat by the glass? If you remember the lucky fly it must be you. Remember the good times we all had, the pucks that were always being shot at us because we were hanging over the glass talking trash. This is Tim and I was always with Luke sitting down by you. We were Polson's friends and always waited in line outside. Remember the time when we burned Nate's couch? Anyways, I just wanted to see if this was you because we saw you at the Tech series but we were in the upper deck. Hope to see you at the X!
  7. Isn't it true that no team, which has participated in the play-in game has made it to the championship? Or was it just that no team has won the championship? If this is true that would be a great streak to break!!! We need to start lots of let's go sioux cheers at the game and make our presence known. It will be great without the pesky sioux-nickname hating St. Cloud fans there.
  8. Hey it's playoff time, anything can happen. Even if a team has done excellent during the course of the season it still just comes down to one game. If many mistakes are made, there are bad bounces or they aren't prepared mentally you just never know. The Sioux are a playoff calibur team which they have proved in the past. We do have guys on the team with experience and freshman that know what it takes like Parise. What team are you pulling for anyway?
  9. How does everybody think we will do this Thursday and the rest of the final five? I am so glad that we made it. It's tough not living up there and going to the games because I need my Sioux hockey (It's a good outlet for aggression and a positive stress reliever). I have to admit I was a little skeptical towards the end though. But we always were a comeback team with our gambling leader. (Maybe that's why we get so many players from the Green Bay Gamblers.) Brandt made some huge saves and if he can continue this Thursday we will see at least two more sioux games!!! I think that Duluth w
  10. When you all show up (like I know you will, as any true sioux fan would) be sure to wear your apparel! I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight. Too much on my mind. How much intensity will we have to start the game? Will we be tired? How will the goaltending be? Will our defense and offense show up? Will Greene take any penalties? Will we make it to the final five so I can actually cheer for a team I want to win?
  11. I just called and they said they would have it on again. Since it is the only thing on T.V. Sunday they will probably have it on a bunch of screens. Everybody needs to show up and support our team! Brandt is starting to get his confidence back and we are due for a 4 or 5 goal game. See ya all there!!!
  12. We should find out if they will have the game on TV again on Sunday. We should have the place to ourselves since it is Sunday. What do you all think?
  13. Hey ghost are they going to have the game on at sensers again tomorrow? If so I am there, though I still think it is bad luck if I am there, but wow would it be fun if we could get the place packed again! Let me know what you Twin Cities folks think.
  14. Keep the pictures coming! I miss seeing them live. Good job!
  15. I must have the lucky touch! The only 2 sioux player's hockey sticks I have are Bayda's and DeFauw's. That is great to hear that they are doing well.
  16. I called Joe Sensers in Bloomington, off of 494 and they said they would have the sioux games on TV. They assured me that they would have the feed out of G.F and if other fans wanted to go and watch they should call and make reservations so it could be on more TV's. It would be great if we could get more sioux games on the TV's over the gophers, just like the alumni party. We drove to Hudson, WI just to watch the games last weekend. They better make it to the final five because we have great seats and I miss not being up in Forks watching the games. I need my sioux hockey!!! Oh yeah, Dig
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