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    Who are realistic candidates for the und job?
  2. This reply tells all you need to know about bubba and this staff on talent evaluation. Looks like bubba took after his old boss after all. He was a terrible hire who should be coaching at Mary but I don’t think the UND athletic department has the stones to fire a UND guy.
  3. What does this say about the other qbs? Ive said it before look at the job bubba and Lennon did at SIU. That’s where your program is heading towards.
  4. Where did this info come from? Lots of great insider info for both und and NDSU on this board.
  5. I doubt NDSU is thinking about und neither are the fans. Check back in a year when the two don't play. Always show more interest in opponents. Just a fact. The fighting Hawks will bore us in a week or two as we start looking ahead to a hopefully a deep playoff run and 2016. Will und fans really care about Wyoming next year or drake? Just like NDSU fans won't care about und but more eastern Washington and Iowa.
  6. No quote directly just read thru the posts tell me you can see where anyone says anything that would lead you to believe UND wouldn't destroy all the remaining teams. As far as the griz QB this is the time I've heard anyone say the starter isn't their best option. I do believe if he doesn't get hurt they win the big sky
  7. So is their third string their best option? Looked good against und On a different note, according to this board UND would have beat every team that played today so which remaining team would give the Hawks the best game?
  8. I agree und is in but look at western Illinois resume. They didn't beat a fbs team but did beat uni and sdsu who are playoff teams in the best conference in fcs. Und beat Portland state and a soon to be 1-10 Wyoming but got handled by two playoff teams(NDSU/Montana). The 40+ points the last few games discussion is a joke. Who hasn't scored that on Msu? Hope they make it as it would be great for the region.
  9. I suppose I better stop asking questions since it upsets the "true fans". Enjoy your 3/4 full alerus if you keep accepting average that's the best it will be.
  10. Southern was mentioned to bring up the point did they get the correct guy. Why go for a coach from a mediocre program that has yet to make the playoffs. Bubba seems like a nice guy but if he didn't have a UND connection is he even on the radar? Being from ND works at mary and minot but not in the D1 era.
  11. So where is the optimism coming from? First top 25 ranking, lay an egg. Can stop the run but average qbs can throw for 400 yards. What competing team has a worse home field? This program is so far behind its not even funny. They are showing improvement over what? They had a chance to really make a stride when Lennon left blew it so they go back to the well. How is southern Illinois doing? That's where the bar is set I still believe Portland state was a mirage and ISU is the trend
  12. What was the attendance Saturday? I agree night games would be great until October isn't the season usually over by then. Should be if ISU puts up that many passing yards what will MSU do. Good luck. Wonder what meaningful games in November are like? Guess we will never know
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