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  1. NDSU seats are on the Camera side, not behind the bench.
  2. Coming from someone in Bismarck this is rich...lol
  3. so you know he had off the field issues?
  4. again what have I posted that is arrogant, insecure ect.. I'm interested in the FCS playoffs, just responding to a couple that have posted false info, I have not talked smack or insulted anyone, in fact go back and read my posts in this thread I even said all you can hope for is to win Saturday and let the committee decide on making the playoffs. I read many teams message boards and post on several but i seem to get grief here only. Sorry for adding an outside opinion and yes there are several UND posters on BV to answer a question a few posts back
  5. What have I posted but facts to SiouxVolley that also hold up against Bin's comments about the Valley that make me insecure? They both are trying to downplay that in FACT the MVFC has been a stronger conference since 2002, this year is questionable yes SiouxVOlley tried to say the MVFC was weak because in 2002 Western Kentucky won a Championship and the Valley did not win another till 2011, while in that exact same time frame the Big Sky only won 1 also, but he didn't want to respond to the fact that since 2002 the MVFC has put 5 different teams in the Championship game compared to 2 from the Big sky, When 2 conference teams meet in the NC game its undeniable the strength of the conference or when one conference has been in the title game every year since 2011 Those are FACTS, the insecurity comes from the 2 downplaying their future conference, NDSU thought exactly the same thing going from the GWFC to the Valley, 2009 we were beat up bad and went 3-8, took a whole new recruiting class and philosophy in 2010 to change it around. I'm sorry if I believe UND is going down that same route, think what you want but playing Physical Power games week after week compared to chuck the pigskin offenses is a whole different animal.
  6. This is classic...the last 15 years disproves all this, but carry on
  7. your point? Nowhere does it say MVFC is better than the SEC, if your reference is College students making a sign then that's funny, cause there are a ton of Hawks fans on film making complete A...s of themselves also. As for playoffs, only thing UND can do is focus on this Saturday which Im plenty sure the team probably is, then wait till Sunday and see what happens at 11:30 AM on ESPNU
  8. must be locked in the secret FBS vault
  9. I would love you to link to one source where this has been stated???
  10. what narrative are you pushing? The MVFC/Gateway since 2002 the WKU years you are so interested in have had 5 different teams in the NC game, the Big Sky only 2 2002- MVFC; Western Kentucky 2003- CAA; Delaware 2004- CAA; James Madison 2005-2007 - SoCon; App St 2008- CAA; Richmond 2009- CAA; Villanova 2010- BSC; Eastern Wash 2011-2015 - MVFC - NDSU 2016 - CAA; James Madison 2017- MVFC; NDSU
  11. Due to ISU-R and ISU-B scheduling non DI OOC games they hurt themselves. I only se 3 at the most form the Valley, could even only be NDSU and SDSU at this point. Although ISU-B is on a 5 game win streak will it be enough? If they win maybe but still lack 1 DI game. I doubt they get left out after winning 6 straight should they win Saturday as its shown in the past the committee rewards late season winning
  12. That really doesn't make much sense, the Gateway after WKU won the title in 2002 stayed pretty level making the title game and Semis Regular. MVFC teams took each other out in the Semis or Qtrs several times, don't get what your trying to say ( I tried to quote Sioux Volley but it didn't work) Gateway/MVFC teams in the playoffs 2002 - WKU, WIU; both met in the Qtrs WKU went on to win the Championship 2003 - UNI, WIU; WKU all 3 made it to QTRs and lost, UNI lost eventual NC Delaware 2004- SIU, WKU; both lost first round 2005- UNI, SIU; SIU made the QTRS, UNI the title game Losing to APP st 2006- ISU-R, SIU, YSU; All made QTRS, YSU played ISU-R and made Semis' 2007- UNI, SIU; Both QTRS, SIU made SEMI's 2008- UNI, SIU; UNI made SEMI's 2009 - SDSU, SIU; SIU made QTRS 2010 - WIU, NDSU, UNI; WIU Rd2, NDSU Qtrs NDSU lost to EWU eventual Champ (first year of expanded playoffs) 2011 - NDSU, UNI; UNI Qtrs, NDSU Champion 2012 - NDSU, SDSU, ISU-R; SDSU 2nd Rnd, ISU-R Qtrs, NDSU Champ (Beat SDSU) 2013 - NDSU, SDSU; SDSU 2nd rnd, NDSU Champ 2014 - NDSU, SDSU, UNI, ISU-R, ISU-B; Illinois ST beat UNI, NDSU beat SDSU, Both made Title game 2015 - NDSU, SDSU, UNI, WIU, ISU-R; Illinois, UNI, NDSU all made Qtrs, NDSU beat UNI in Semis 2016 - NDSU, SDSU, ISU-R, YSU; NDSU, SDSU, YSU made QTRS; NDSU and YSU Semis, YSU lost to JMU NC game 2017 - NDSU, SDSU, USD, UNI, WIU; NDSU SDSU Semis, NDSU Champ I don't see the big conspiracy as both Valley and BSC teams have generally faired pretty well in Playoffs with some unfavorable draws, lets remember playoffs went from 16 to 20 to the current 24 since 2010, better conferences naturally got more bids
  13. YSU blocked one of ours Sat, last time before that I honestly can't remember
  14. tjbison


    Good for you guys doing this, first time cruising here in a long, long time just wanted to comment, later
  15. Amazingly this is one that the FD still hasn't figured out...their music selection is absolute....S#$!T, And its such an easy thing to fix with NO COST I'm with you man 100%....sorry I had to chime in on this cause it grinds my gears Peace out
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