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  1. The BIG announcers are horrible. If UND joined that dull league I don't think I could watch. Even the free broadcasts on NCHC are better than their top guys. I try to watch every now and then but the announcing and the play is horrible.
  2. Obviously Ms. Fagan is a fool. Never won anything and compare them to a team that never loses.....
  3. In Bismarck a good proportion of the 2nd year bantams go and play high school, doesn't cost near as much.
  4. Both teams have good numbers now but I don't know how many are Legacy kids. The way they worked girls hockey I'm surprised they haven't dropped down to 1 team.
  5. With all the snow you might as well stay home unless you've got land to hunt next to farmer's houses. All the birds will be in the yards and standing on the roads. Of course a walk in the knee deep snow is always a good workout, though you don't have to drive all the way to Mott to do that. Good Luck if you try. Seibs in Elgin should have the game on.
  6. Sioux. Vs northeastern denver vs yale in cincy region of hell.
  7. The Blair girl from Bismarck still coming to GF? See she hasn't been playing in MN and they have her listed on their website as a 2017 grad?
  8. He ( Murphy) had a couple of very shaky breakout passes in the u18 game as well where he could have moved up ice but instead threw wild passes all the way across the ice off the boards where nobody was close. I'm sure he's frustrated and tried to do too much or not make mistakes to impress and that usually bites you in the azz.
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