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  1. http://www.fiba.basketball/u16americas/women/2021/player/Kiera-Pemberton
  2. The last piece for the upcoming season: https://twitter.com/UNDwbasketball/status/1402365736425865217?s=20
  3. https://twitter.com/jaidyn_dunn/status/1387959735639449603?s=20 Jaidyn Dunn 6'1" F - Sioux Falls SD
  4. The cat is outta the bag... Lol
  5. Not all are scholarship players.
  6. Looks like she can score for sure. That leaves one scholarship for next season. Hopefully there is still a buzzsaw point guard out there.
  7. Emma Anderson to Upper Iowa.
  8. Roach has another year of high school, so I think you have 12 scholarship players listed. One would have to assume they will be playing at a faster pace and looking to push the ball. One would also think that they will still be looking for a pg this year for sure and then best overall skill/bball IQ they can get to fill out the roster.
  9. Two sr scholarship athletes left. 4 players in transfer portal. Keplin quit? 3 scholarship freshmen coming in. Should leave 4?
  10. Year after. Here's a link to Anderson's game the other night. You likely have to copy and paste. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9dSPXa6LGo
  11. I don't subscribe to that philosophy. Just want people to realize it's not just happening here so they don't lose hope. Reality is everyone gets 1 free transfer. A lot are going to use it and no program is immune. The average in men's ball right now is 3+ per school. Women's is around 2 per school currently. I wonder if it will slow down next year, after this crazy season of covid and the fact that it's a new rule?
  12. For anyone who thinks 4 is a lot: https://www.si.com/college/syracuse/basketball/syracuse-womens-basketball-eight-players-transfer-portal
  13. I'm guessing there are no 2021 high school grads left who could help a team. I also figure most portal gets will have 2 years left. So portal players this year but lots of spots for high school recruits in next couple years.
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