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  1. They were not going to win out the second half of the season, but they need to avoid losing to teams like UNO. These teams are so far down in the pairwise that another loss will likely drop the Sioux to 4th or 5th--after being #1 heading into weekend. These guys need to be motivated playing teams like this. They may not think these games matter, but they do. They will make the NCAA;s, but need to stay focused.
  2. Just think, 2 wins at Cansius puts Sioux at #10 in PW, and throw in a win against BState and moves them to #8. It's what I don't like about PW (hard to overcome bad losses) but it is also what coaches need to emphasize when playing early season games or against cupcakes. Now an NCHC tourney win is only thing to prevent another early end to the season.
  3. Two weekends of sweeps and wins over Denver will not get this team to 9-10 in PW unfortunately. Have to calculate other teams winning and losing too in the What if PW. it is win the NCHC tourney or they are at home again in a few weeks.With the state of the school budget, Berry is here to stay until his contract runs out unfortunately
  4. I love the attitude, but there is only one way for this team to make NCAA's and that is to win the NCHC tourney (oh and winning every game left on schedule is another way--aint gunna happen). Splitting games against these teams does nothing for the pairwise when your sitting at 20--you need to sweep. Pairwise is not forgiving when you get swept by a team like Cansius when you have a team like ours this year. Let's hope for a 1980 Olympic miracle coming NCHC tourney time.
  5. That's really one of the biggest changes to this team in the last 2 years. These games that we are barely winning, and for sure the losses, are games the Sioux would normally win handily. There would be an occasional lapse against NCHC teams like a CC int the past, and that was understandable--but these games, especially the last 6, there's no excuse. Even our wins could have gone either way. BB needs to go, he has had the time to make a difference and he can't. Losing begets losing and pretty soon the good recruits will be looking elsewhere to go play. Sadly I agree that there is no way they will buy out his contract. 9-3? I don't think that actually does it--but why even talk about it--it's like discussing where I would take Kate Upton on our first date. Wishful thinking but it ain't going to happen. When you have better talent then the teams you are consistently losing to at some point you just have to blame the coaches
  6. Didn't know this was out there so thanks for that. The one thing that isn't accounted for when you play with this calculator, is that it does not take into account any other teams wins and losses over that same time period. So in other words, we get credit for all those wins and we are measured on 30 some odd games while all the other teams only have 15-20 games when determining the Pairwise. So while ND moves up, all the other teams stay stagnant because they don't factor in their games. I hope they accomplish this but this team has shown no signs that it is anything like the teams during the Hak era when they would finish strong. given the difficult taks ahead, BB better pull out some magic and get the boys going
  7. Needed wins by the Sioux. But I hate to be the potential black cloud, in order to get back to NCAA tourney we will either need to 1) win the NCHC tourney; or 2) sweep our remaining 4 games with UNO, sweep CC in CC, and then win 6 of 8 against SCSU, Denver, UMD, and UWM. As Schloss pointed out, the Cansasius losses killed this team. Any wins against UNO and CC will barely move us in the PW (as demonstrated over the weekend).
  8. This season is now lost, and I accept that. There is no coming back from that, not from this team. It would require only a couple losses from here on out, and that won't happen. I accept that but there better be some significant improvement by the end of the year or Berry has to go. As pointed out, there are many programs for recruits to pick from, and there is no better facility or fans than the Ralph, but that only goes so far. No one can defend their play, and no one can ever explain scoring a total of 2 goals in two games against that team. With a lost season, some heads should roll now to see if it is enough to get things changing. Who wants to live another year like this year--I don't want to become the Gophers and how irrelevant they have become!!
  9. I agree with most of your post Ogie, but a win over a team like Cansuckis never helps your pairwise, only hurts if you lose and is dropped if you win.
  10. Just and FYI that loss was a pairwise killer. It would require us to darn near go undefeated the rest of the season, which won't come close to happening. If you really thought the kids and staff were doing what they could to win you could get behind these guys. Just isn't the case here. Berry needs to go. Recruiting just got a little tougher
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