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  1. _ND excuses when we beat them they cheat steroid u win is tainted titles are tainted You guys are going to crack me up when we win by 3+ scores.
  2. That game was, how do you call it... a "moral win"
  3. I was simply informing Ms. Mama, but I can see you guys won't let one positive test go, or have even a rational thought. Have a nice day.
  4. NDSU has actually done quite well with walk-on's, hence why we have 11 this year. Also have a former walkon in the NFL now.
  5. Also, glad to hear you're excited about NDSU's recruiting class
  6. Talking about NDSU. LOL. Whats this fighting sioux you're talking about?
  7. we got 38 recruits signed up this year, so yes, we do have quite a few more
  8. 1 positive test and instantly were a drug ring? It was a freaking supplement. The way you guys try and twist this is beyond laughable.
  9. He just might be worse than CNN.
  10. If it's been going on for years, why only 1 positive test?
  11. Tarnish on all our trophies because of 1 positive test? Good grief. Get a life.
  12. Maybe he didnt even tell her who it is cause maybe he did it all on his own? There are 2 sides to this story and we still dont know the real truth. You guys just pick the one side that fits your narrative and run with it.
  13. I guess you failed to read the entire article when it says 18 players are randomly tested after each playoff game. Dont you think there would be more positive tests if it was indeed "used throughout the locker room"? 1 kid get tested positive and you guys instantly think every one does. Give me a damn break.
  14. He'll redshirt and, if he's the true backup for us, will wait in the wings til Lance has graduated and start for 1 year. Hell, we had a #2 overall pick sit behind Jensen for 3 years before he started, anything can happen. With the recent track record we have for QBs, it's hard for them to pass on a full scholly offer from us.
  15. Or maybe he just wants to win some rings. Every recruit has a different mindset. Like you said, time will tell.
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