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  1. SiouxFan25

    ITS OVER!!!

    Couldn't agree more with this. There's a big problem with luck beating talent and I personally think the increasing size of goalies and their pads are to blame. They've made it so that the difference between having a good goalie and a bad goalie has been greatly diminished. This has also led to the majority of shots being stopped and a far greater percentage of goals being the result of puck luck, like you said. Everything I've read said the answer isn't smaller goalie pads however, it's actually larger nets since the physical size of goaltenders is far bigger now as well. It sounds kinda crazy, but I've thought they should try it for awhile now
  2. Is there anywhere I can see predictions for which regional teams will be playing in? Just curious who will be in Fargo
  3. SiouxFan25

    ITS OVER!!!

    That might be the most telling stat I’ve seen about the last few years. I don’t think its just lack of talent either like some are saying. I mean a guy like Mismash, who was a point per game player for the U-18s, isn’t even sniffing that kind of production here. Hoff and Adams were both high end offensive talents in the USHL and they can barely stay in the lineup. I don’t know what the answer is but that just doesn’t add up to me
  4. I actually like those a lot. I'm really interested to see how the 4 freshman forwards play next year because they're gonna need to play one on the first line and it could honestly be any of them. Maybe not Caulfield, but I think it's a total toss up between the other three. Very close together talent wise
  5. Thought about both of em but I'm just not sure who I'd replace. Where would you put them?
  6. My way too early projected line chart for next year: Mismash-Rizzo-Kawaguchi Hain-Senden-Smith Blaisdell-Hoff-Pinto Weatherby-Bowen-Caulfield Poolman-Bast Kiersted-JBD Tychonick-Peski Obviously a lot could change if Poolman leaves, guys transfer, etc. but I thought I'd take a stab at it. Thoughts?
  7. Adams is obviously talented and I think we could be getting a lot more out of him, don't get me wrong. That said, am I the only who feels like he still hasn't adjusted to the physicality of college? I swear every time he gets the puck he's getting bounced off it by bigger guys or when he's battling for loose pucks he gets muscled out. That's why I think Berry hasn't been pairing him with other, smaller skill guys like Kawaguchi and has been putting him with bigger guys like Rhett
  8. I haven't gotten to watch either Blaisdell or Rizzo play much, but I've read a lot about them. Who would you compare them to from recent UND teams? Anybody either one reminds you of?
  9. I would've said Mismash before the season started, but the way this years gone for him I would think he'll be back
  10. Who does everyone see as flight risks for UND? Poolman is really the only one that sticks out to me
  11. The Big Ten has been so horrible for college hockey and nobody has been hit harder than the gophers. 4 other D-1 hockey teams in the state of Minnesota and they don't have a single one in their conference. No UND either and who are they left with for rivals besides a Wisconsin team that hasn't been good for awhile now
  12. Any potential recruits we should be watching for in the Minnesota state tournament?
  13. Word is it's only a bruised liver. Crazy painful, but thankfully shouldn't sideline him for a long time
  14. In all honesty 5'10 is probably about accurate, but as siouxfan512 said he's only 16. All that aside however, the kid is a total stud like you said. Dominating in AA and will probably do the same next year in AAA. None of this really matters though as he will most likely follow his brother to NDSU
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