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  1. LoyalSioux

    2019 Season

    Nd1sufan....am curious to know your prediction on how the bizon will fare in the Big 10. Besides pummeling the Gophers, they would most likely easily smoke Michigan, Penn State, Ohio State, Wisconsin etc....would any team give them a game? It would be great to see the hurd move up and then you can move on as well.
  2. LoyalSioux

    Spring Ball

    Agree Weah looked quick today. Very low center of gravity and tough to corral. No doubt team will be better. Offense much improved. If there is uncertainty, it looks like the defensive line is generally undersized (IMO).
  3. And all of this discussion relates to Sioux Sports how? Is one of the oil companies going to send oil to heat the The Ralph ?
  4. Oxbow6.....why are you so obsessed with UND? Follow ndsu or go to the range and work on your knockdown wedges. Geez-
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