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  1. SCSU is always skilled but too soft for a Nodak style of play. Sweep. Mark my words.
  2. Is that a question? Or just some sarcasm Sodbuster
  3. Any predictions for scores? 6-1 is my guess.
  4. Anyone's predictions on the teams record this year? Do we get out of the gates right away like last year? Hopefully no slump after the first 5 games again.
  5. The broadcast's are decent quality only game's I can remember that weren't great was the CC series
  6. As Pierre McGuire would say.. Duluth players are going down like a cold beer at a frat party, bunch of theatre majors
  7. Bummer Jost left but congrats to him I'm sure he had a lot of pressure from CO to sign. Who's next now Pogo and Gersich? Starting to get a little worried here..
  8. Anyone notice how bad the #4 defensemen is for penn state?
  9. Robert Morris BC Cornell Wisco MI Tech UND
  10. Do we want Ohio state to win or lose for our pairwise?
  11. So where's the pre game party this weekend? Heard of the Pourhouse the Loon is also a hot spot with some nodak fans let's get a win this weekend and secure an ncaa spot
  12. What are the odds of a sweep this weekend?
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