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  1. “Enjoy the win” is almost like the participation trophy. Yeah we won. Was it pretty? Nope. If we want to be a legit D1 team this win today isn’t what we should want
  2. A run game out of the shotgun every time won’t work. Throw up in my mouth a little bit when I say this but I want some of Rudy’s offense
  3. That is honestly my biggest fear. We are going to get into the playoffs and nothing will change. They will just look at the playoff berth, the record, and the stats that fit their agenda and call it a huge success and big improvement from last year. When the real eye test is what we all see and know and I’m not gonna waste my breath on the headsets anymore. Usually the people say when a team has a bad record that they are a better team than their record shows.....I think it could be the opposite for us.
  4. You guys can’t let a 5th year Bizen fan get to you. He’s just here to troll and go back and try brag to his buddies on how he got someone mad. He’s not here to add good conversation. Now far as my opinion on the playoff scenario. Yes we need to win the NAU game first, after that I’m not gonna try predict what the committee will do. I will be happy with a playoff berth obviously, do I honestly think this team deserves it? No. It’s not because of the players, it’s the headsets and the guy sitting up in the booth on a chair with a 6 pack of crayons.
  5. This coaching staff doesn’t seem like they play to win with authority, just maybe get a win but if we don’t be happy by not losing by a lot. That’s what I saw all last year, they coached the game not to lose it by a large margin. No aggressiveness at all. We’ve all wanted it for years and I’m sure the players did too they are just finally starting to speak up. I feel for this group of seniors, especially Santiago and Brady, the talent that has been wasted.....
  6. You might be on to something here.....maybe not a higher draft pick but if we do end up 5-6 there’s no chances some, or all, coaches come back right?
  7. I’m still wondering about what all exactly happens on the defensive holding call on 2nd and 17 and we gained 9 on a pass play but declined it for 3rd and 6? Took a sack and had another 3 and out??? Can someone explain?
  8. Let’s see what Schmidt can do these last two games as interim coach
  9. That’s the thing, we are not gonna see any changes from this staff. We’re gonna hear that “it was a tough loss” “made some mistakes that we need to clean up” had the time of possession lead” Fonna see the same game plan and play calls and everything for the last two games, same coaching staff making the same calls with the same players. Only person that would make a change is Chaves....my hopes are in his hands
  10. I’ll send an Uber down there for them. Probably should get an XL too so it can fit their Egos in too
  11. So we have our top pass catchers down and too pass catching rb and NOW Rudolf the play calling idiot decides to air it out more.
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