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  1. Looking at this pic he hit his stick but that kinda slash happens throughout the game. Its never gonna get called in that situation. Unless you lose your stick or have the puck when you get slashed Really looks like he went down to his knee for that one timer right!? And hes not going right at the goalie he would have missed him by 2 feet.... lol
  2. His stick comes down on the western players blade not his stick... thats never considered a slash. There would be 40 slashing penalties a game if they called that. And this makes it look like the western player is skating right at the goalie and initiates the contact with guch. Again easy call but keep trying
  3. The puck was behind him.... he was not getting ready for a one timer lol
  4. This guy just really doesnt want to be wrong. The WMU player was planning on contact and was ready for it
  5. A stick slash now makes a player go to his knees? Lol you want to see what ever way makes you right but thats an easy no goal call.
  6. The player was looking for contact, he knew he was gonna slide into the goalie as soon as he got it.
  7. No the refs didn't say to each other "hey we took one away last night might as well take one away tonight". Lol And anyone who knows the actual rules.. like in the rule book knows that was the right call.
  8. Saturday nights was the right call. Ya can't skate into a goalie.... even if your pushed a little, you put yourself in that position to run into the goalie. Easy call
  9. Thats not what i see. I see a player who skated to the front of the net barely gets pushed and changes his momentum to run into the goalie. He was looking for contact to do exactly what he did.... easy call
  10. Why were they all on the goal line????
  11. Keane just passed it to the Duluth D on that goal.... our D screws up soo much is crazy
  12. It's tough watching a game where every shot makes you cringe because there's a good chance it goes in.
  13. Scheel has not been good since the break but Thome is not the anwser, we have seen what hes like as a starter and its not good. Scheel needs to figure it out or this year is going to go downhill fast.
  14. Scheel should have had that but the D changing up before they entered the zone is a huge mistake...
  15. Its funny that its been 1/2 a year and all the Barry fans are on their knees.. hes had a good start to this year and it looks like the reason is the coaching staff with only 4 new guys really seeing ice time. Hes made good choices on his staff plus hes changed up alot of the offensive schemes they've used the last two years. Im glad hes been able to turn it around and start making decisions that are working to bring ths team back to the top but he should have made them earlier. I hope this first half wasnt a fluke(it really doesn't look like one)but with Berrys track record you never know. If he can keep this team working together, we could have another natty. It will be interesting to see what happens but for now remember ITS 1/2 A SEASON!!!!!!
  16. ThompHockey

    Kato GDT

    Got a little too into simmonson bashing but he cost us a really good player and now im worried we are seeing the same with Judd. At least Caufield is a local kid, maybe is family can donate enough too get him a starting spot like simmonsons did(last one i couldnt help myself)
  17. ThompHockey

    Kato GDT

    +/- doesnt mean anything for simmonson. Every plus he got was because he was lucky enough too be on the ice when his teammates were scoring. 6 goals in 4 years of starting on a college hockey team........
  18. ThompHockey

    Kato GDT

    Hahaha ya cause its hard too look back on the history of a program nowadays....
  19. ThompHockey

    Kato GDT

    ? Simmonson was absolutely terrible on defense. He played 4 years at und and had 6 goals.... he will go down as one of the worst players to ever pass though the program Wilkie played half his freshman season and had 5 goals. He had size and actually played defense so i have no idea why your trying to make !@#$ up
  20. ThompHockey

    Kato GDT

    Barry lost Wilkie because he played Simmonson over him. Now we have Judd losing time to johnson!?!?!? How is barry this blind to talent or is it just playing favorites?
  21. More just not a fan of pulling the goalie when we have sustained pressure with 5. If it was just another game sure but like i said when the season is on the line and only down by one.... we just saw what happens most of the time when you pull the goalie but hindsights 20/20
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