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  1. Looking at this pic he hit his stick but that kinda slash happens throughout the game. Its never gonna get called in that situation. Unless you lose your stick or have the puck when you get slashed Really looks like he went down to his knee for that one timer right!? And hes not going right at the goalie he would have missed him by 2 feet.... lol
  2. His stick comes down on the western players blade not his stick... thats never considered a slash. There would be 40 slashing penalties a game if they called that. And this makes it look like the western player is skating right at the goalie and initiates the contact with guch. Again easy call but keep trying
  3. The puck was behind him.... he was not getting ready for a one timer lol
  4. This guy just really doesnt want to be wrong. The WMU player was planning on contact and was ready for it
  5. A stick slash now makes a player go to his knees? Lol you want to see what ever way makes you right but thats an easy no goal call.
  6. The player was looking for contact, he knew he was gonna slide into the goalie as soon as he got it.
  7. No the refs didn't say to each other "hey we took one away last night might as well take one away tonight". Lol And anyone who knows the actual rules.. like in the rule book knows that was the right call.
  8. Saturday nights was the right call. Ya can't skate into a goalie.... even if your pushed a little, you put yourself in that position to run into the goalie. Easy call
  9. Thats not what i see. I see a player who skated to the front of the net barely gets pushed and changes his momentum to run into the goalie. He was looking for contact to do exactly what he did.... easy call
  10. Why were they all on the goal line????
  11. Keane just passed it to the Duluth D on that goal.... our D screws up soo much is crazy
  12. It's tough watching a game where every shot makes you cringe because there's a good chance it goes in.
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