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  1. Unbelievable. Ref was right there. 2 missed major calls now.
  2. Any idea if it will support multiple streams from one subscription? Seemed kind of iffy after reading the FAQs on their site.
  3. Tough swing on that goal. Great toe save followed by a blocked shot that bounces and leads to a penalty shot. Tough luck. Hope they can turn it around
  4. Anyone have luck with the general sale? Had pair of tickets for Saturday Goofs game and after putting credit card info in and selecting purchase, screen went blank and no tickets! Same thing happened for Saturday Denver game.
  5. Good chance to take back some momentum with the PP.
  6. Someone on Reddit college football has a big write up that includes all of the proposals. Surprised I haven't seen this here yet. Link Direct link to google folder with all of the Proposals
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