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  1. Yes a line of Jones/JJ/Mismash would be better, but....
  2. WTF is this? Please keep this kind of sh1t off this site. I would prefer to hear discussion about hockey. Thank you.
  3. I had a totally different experience. Everyone around me were very knowledgeable fans. I'm sure many locals at the game have never seen ice before, except in their cocktails, but there there and they are learning and are new hockey fans and that's great for the sport. And there's no doubt - Vegas loves the Knights, and they know how to have FUN, a real party atmosphere. Looked like a sold out crowd on a Sunday night. I loved all the costumes, Elvis impersonators, full Knight regalia (lots of kids dressed as Knights) and looked like everyone else had Knights apparel on. The band and cheerleaders marching around the stadium, that annoying siren, the 'Drumbots' drum line group, and although I can't stand that cheesy skit at the beginning it seems apropos for Vegas. Getting at least 6 different high fives from strangers after a Knights goal. That might have been the most fun pro game (non playoff anyway) that I have been to. I tip my hat to the Knights fans.
  4. If your looking for some healthier activities the Vegas area has many beautiful desert hikes. Or just a scenic drive is well worth it. https://www.outdoorproject.com/blog-news/11-best-day-hikes-near-las-vegas https://localemagazine.com/las-vegas-hikes/
  5. Being a little sensitive aren't you? What part of 'just trying to be funny - don't take it personally' don't you understand? I thought college made people smarter....
  6. F**CK YOU A$$HOLE!!!! I guess this is alright then. (ps: just trying to be funny - don't take it personally. I agree this whole chain (that I contributed to) is kinda silly and somewhat pointless)
  7. I don't lose any sleep hoping everyone likes our fan base. I swear a lot and am far from a prude, i just don't think any crowd shouting 'F*uck the <fill in the blank>' adds anything to the game but if it makes someone happy then by all means go for it.
  8. Cause it reflects on UND as a whole. Nobody says Joe Blow is obnoxious, they say UND fans are obnoxious.
  9. Late 70's also. Riverbend was a great spot - some of the best food around, especially a nice dinner. Had the 9 hole golf course. When it closed down the owners opened Griggs Landing downtown I believe. Use to watch the Lamont Cranston band there on occasion.
  10. well done - and a trip down memory lane. Anybody remember the Level 7 in EGF?
  11. I agree. Actually that sign would just want me to play harder.
  12. It's fake. I'll take it off your hands for $20.
  13. good article on NCAA early signing strategies... http://thehockeywriters.com/overtime-with-bsc-ncaa-frenzy-in-full-effect/
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