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  1. Kap

    Gameday vs Da Griz

    Find something that makes you happy and do it today.
  2. Kap

    Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Anybody critical of Studsrud is an idiot. How would their QB doing under Rudolph?
  3. Kap

    2017 Season

    The same as last Saturday. Demon did not start. Tobin at LG and Aplin at RG.
  4. Kap


    Bubba has a great young team with a lot more depth than we have seen in a while. The only injuries that would truly hurt us would be Studsrud and Reyes. Stockwell is the best o-lineman.
  5. Kap


    Taylor was not hurt going into the game and was not a starter either.
  6. Kap

    Moo U diaries

    I'm sure the Bison fans cringe when they see your posts. They would like you to get off their side now......Look at your post!!!.... You are not intelligent.
  7. Kap

    Moo U diaries

    Quit acting like you have had something to do with that success.
  8. Kap

    2016 Season

    I was at the NAU game and I am concerned. Immediately after the game, the BSC Championship was celebrated and justly so. It was a thrilling game that had me hugging strangers and it wasn't wierd! My concern is the celebration struck me as though the team had achieved its ultimate goal. I hope I'm reading this wrong and these guys are still hungry for more wins.
  9. Kap

    Best UND Football Team Ever

    Does the highest ranked team in the highest division in its history make it the best team in its history?
  10. Kap

    Big Sky Champs!

  11. Kap


    Your arrogance is showing when you say things like "how cute". It shows where you think you are compared to the UND fan thru condescension. You are an ass, plain and simple. Isn't there a thread for the trolls?
  12. Kap

    2017 UND Recruiting

    Do the coaches want touch backs? I am not positive but I think every NAU drive that started from a kickoff was short of the 25. I'm pretty sure Taubs can drive the kick off into the end zone. Maybe we can lay off the kicker until we know what is expected from the kicker. He might be doing exactly what the coaches want him to do even though he can kick it longer. It looks to me like he's kicking it higher and shorter than he otherwise could.
  13. Kap

    Gameday: UND vs NAU 1pm

    I don't think I'm alone by saying; It would be nice to keep the attendance talk on the attendance thread.
  14. Kap

    Gameday: UND vs NAU 1pm

    Oline shuffle. 2 RS Freshman, 2RS Sophomore, 1 5th year Senior.
  15. Kap

    Gameday: UND vs NAU 1pm

    Is Drew Greeley banged up?