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  1. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    What positions are screwed up? Gersich-Gardner-Poganski: Those players played 95% of games at those positions this year Adams-Hoff-Janatuinen: Adams played LW all of last year, some C this year. Hoff played both this year. Janatuinen has played both wings for UND. Mismash-Kawaguchi-Wilkie: Mismash plays LW for the USNTDP, Kawaguchi plays C, although he might be a wing in the NCAA. Wilkie has always been a RW. Olson-Simonson-Bowen: Olson has played both wings at UND, Simonson is always a C, Bowen can play C, but also played RW this year.
  2. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    My thoughts. First line is all upper classmen, should be by far best offensive and defensive line. Second line is two potentially good offensive producers in Adams and Hoff. JJ brings veteran 2-way play while still producing solid offense. Third line will be a train wreck defensively, but could be very good offensively. 4th line is a pretty proven energy line, substitute Yon possibly. Colton Poolman is ready to be the #1 next year. With his progress this year and given his age, I'm worried that his sophomore year could be his last at UND. If Wolanin can round out his defensive game a bit more, he might be gone next year as well. Gersich-Gardner-Poganski Adams-Hoff-Janatuinen Mismash-Kawaguchi-WIlkie Olson-Simonson-Bowen Wolanin-Poolman Shaw-Peski Johnson-Bast
  3. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Western Michigan

    I'm really not trying to argue, but I have an extremely hard time believing that the Chicago Blackhawks, arguably the best organization in the NHL, told one of their bottom-tier forward prospects (Iacopelli) that if he scored 15 goals (coming off a one goal season as a 21 year old freshman!) he would be given an NHL contract. I'll admit that I don't know enough about Molino to comment, and I know Allison is a good prospect as I followed him in the USHL. No offense to WMU, but everything about these guys points to them being above-average college players (similar to Poganski, Gardner, etc. on UND), and not the elite NHL prospects you are playing them out to be. For context, Drake Caggiula (now with Edmonton) played 4 years for UND, is 5 months younger than Molino. Due to the age differences in NCAA hockey, age has to be factored into each players production to help project success at the pro levels. A 22 years old player putting up .75 PPG in the NCAA will have a hard time getting an NHL contract. I am not going to give you examples, as there are undoubtedly hundreds.
  4. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Western Michigan

    So you're telling me that three underclassmen (Molino, Iacopelli, and Allison) are going to leave early for the pro's? You do realize that only 10 underclassmen (FR and SO), on average, leave the NCAA early for an NHL contract. I could see Allison signing an NHL contract and playing in Major Junior next year, Molino has mediocre below PPG production for a 22 year old sophomore, and I just can't see the Blackhawks wasting a contract spot on a sophomore NCAA player that won't be ready for the NHL for another two years, if ever. UND's Shane Gersich (Sophomore), is outscoring all three players by quite a bit, and I don't think anyone here is expecting to lose him after this year. It's just not how the NHL works unless you are a first rounder or an absolutely elite, proven player at the NCAA level (think Danton Heinen, back to back 45+ point seasons his freshman and soph years).
  5. The only other player on the roster that is eligible for this tournament is Tomek. Not sure of Slovakia's goalie situation, but you would imagine that a player that hasn't played a game in almost two years wouldn't be in contention for a spot.
  6. 2- Saturday UMD game for sale

    If there is any way for the tickets to be available for pickup in Duluth (at will-call etc.) I am interested.
  7. former players

    Well in terms of amount of income, it's not even close. Tom Brady makes twice as much as Toews (in salary), and quite a bit more than Parise.
  8. Nate Schmidt you are probably thinking of. A Stecher type development curve while he was at the U. Schmidt was more offensive, Stecher better defensively.
  9. I think both of them will be those rare college players where they will be the team's two best offensive forwards, and the two best defensive forwards, meaning they should be able to play against any one and carry they play. Obviously, this is assuming Jost will adjust fairly quickly, but we know what we have in Boeser.
  10. Like most have said, Jost is much more touted than Nick was a freshman. Also, Nick, as a freshman, didn't have the opportunity to play with anyone remotely close to the caliber of Brock Boeser. The leading scorer on the 14-15 team (Nick's freshman year), was Caggiula with 36 points (60% of Boeser's true freshman year production). I see a 35 goal season out of Boeser this year, and at least a 45 point season out of Jost. I think both of those totals are reasonably attainable for those two players. I think the biggest surprise for next year will be Wolanin, I think he hits 30 points. He seems to be that pure offensive risk taker that UND hasn't had since Genoway.
  11. former players

    I think he was a very impressive individual player that got by mainly on his physical skills (skating, hands, shooting ability) all the way through college. He never developed the hockey sense to become a full time NHL player, or a really, really dominant NCAA player (like Boeser will be this year). He probably could've left as early as after his sophomore year, but I don't think a whole lot would've been different in terms of his pro career. Kristo and Grimaldi seem to have the same issue, all the skill in the world, just severely lack hockey sense. If you don't know where to be on the ice or what play is the right one, all that skill doesn't really matter.
  12. Anyone else think that we need to add one more forward before the start of the season? Right now we are rolling with: Juniors (3): Poganski, Simonson, Olson Sophomores (6): Boeser, Gersich, Gardner, Janatuinen, Wilkie, Gornall Freshmen (5): Jost, Hoff, Bowen, Yon, Smith Two extra forwards is pretty light, especially with a lot of underclassmen, and interchangeable players in the bottom 6.
  13. Poganski ever played on his off wing? I can actually see Boeser being better on the left side (easier to generate offensive chances), so maybe move him over.
  14. I'm expecting a big jump from Gersich this year. 15 goals, 30+ points, possibly on the first line with Jost and Boeser.
  15. He is a top-10 pick that is coming into college already very polished. If he is NHL ready after one year, it probably means him and Boeser each have 60+ points and the Ralph is worrying about not having enough room in the rafters, all of which I'm more than fine with.