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  1. Hopefully he comes back soon. Him and Caulfield have been very underwhelming thus far after I expected them both to take the next step.
  2. This appears to be a big get. Tough for a sophomore to play in the USHL, let alone put up 0.5 PPG as a defenseman. Good size too.
  3. Wonder what the reason was. Maybe he sees all of these other recruits jumping him and foresees a lack of playing time. Happens a lot with these early commits, especially the larger forwards who dominate at lower levels due to physical maturity.
  4. You would think that Major Junior would have similar problems as the NCAA. There are several Major Junior teams located in the United States. What do you do with those teams if the United States doesn't allow sports but Canada does? So many hurdles left for everyone still.
  5. I don't think it is a bad idea bringing in all of Sanderson, Kleven, Moore, and Miller next year. As it stands now, only Sanderson will be thrust into a prominent top-4 role to begin the season. The others can be sheltered and brought up to speed as they develop. Going into 21-22 and beyond, this will definitely be a big plus, especially with how Berry has been recruiting dmen lately.
  6. Goal scorer, undersized, undrafted, great junior career. Ryan Duncan anyone?
  7. Definitely agree. Keep them at their best positions until someone emerges that can replace them. Weatherby might not get as many 5on5 minutes as the top two lines, but he will definitely be on PP, probably be on the PK, and late in the third down a goal he is getting elevated to play with Pinto on the second line.
  8. I definitely agree, but who does he replace as a center? Adams was very effective on the top line, Pinto is obvious, and Senden is too good as a shutdown center. To maximize the playing time of our top players while still utilizing their strengths, I think one option is to move Adams back to wing and use Pinto and Weatherby as the top 6 centers. Adams - Weatherby - Kawaguchi Mismash - Pinto - Gaber Hain - Senden - Ness Rizzo - Blaisdell - Caulfield Once again, way too much talent on the 4th line. What a problem to have....
  9. My post was referring to the 21-22 season. I'd say there is almost 0% change JBD would return for his senior season, so there is no one coming in at his expense. He is arguably ready now, imagine what he'll be a year from now.
  10. I don't know if it'd be such a bad thing for Miller, Moore, Kleven, and Frisch to each play 20-25 games and rotate on the 3rd pair. Injuries are inevitable. Kiersted and Bast will be seniors, JBD most assuredly will leave after next year (if not this year, fingers crossed). Going into 21-22 season, you'd have: Sanderson (So.) - Miller (So.) Kleven (So.) - Frisch (Jr.) Moore (So.) - Morrow (Fr.) Extras: L. Bast (Fr.), TBD (probably a C. Johnson/Rieger type replacement) That is a lot of youth in the lineup even with Miller and Moore coming next year. If they both defer til the fall of 2021, UND will probably have to ice 3 rookie dman every night in 2021.
  11. They hold their rights for 4 years from draft day, or until after they leave college, the quote I put was from the NHL draft site and their are literally hundreds of examples of the scenario occurring where a drafted player plays a year of juniors after getting drafted and then plays 4 years of college. NHL teams will hold your rights until Aug. 15 after your last year of college, at which point you'd become a free agent.
  12. "A team has the rights of an NCAA player until 30 days after the player leaves the college." Think Danny Kristo, Mark MacMillan, etc. Players that played a year of juniors after being drafted, and then 4 years with UND. 5 years after being drafted, the NHL team that drafted them still holds their rights until the summer after leaving UND.
  13. I'd almost see: Sanderson-JBD Kiersted-Bast Kleven-Frisch A good mix of experience and talent on each pair. The top two are basically interchangeable, both very good 2-way pairings. Kleven-Frisch could get some easier matchups as they further develop. Could be a heck of a pairing in the second half of next year.
  14. Why only two years? Once enrolled, they won't lose his NHL rights until he leaves UND.
  15. as15

    Hobey Baker

    Both Kawaguchi and Perunovich were juniors this year.
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