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  1. Game day: F'n Hawks vs Bears

    I checked as well it wasn't there but checked again and it was. So not sure what happened.
  2. Gameday vs Utah

    I am keep them coming
  3. Gameday: UND @ MSU 3PM

    17-15 UND... MSU ball on the 5.... 37seconds left
  4. Great Start and play. PP Goal!!
  5. GOAL!!! Awesome Go Sioux!!!
  6. ISU Game Day Thread

    Nice to see a good drive here. Give the defense a break.
  7. UND @ NDSU Gameday Thread

    Really lucky to be tied at this point. Hopefully the offense can get something going this quarter
  8. UND @ NDSU Gameday Thread

    So excited for this one! Go SIoux!!! It's been to long.
  9. 1980's Class B Basketball

    McVille Blackhawk's I believe it was 82. They had played Crary Cardinal's in District 8 regular season play and lost District 8 championship game to them but Beat them in the Region Chapionship Game for the right to go to state. Took 3rd place that season.
  10. Fire Muss

    So were mine
  11. SDSU at UND

    3rd down and 4 no stupid penalties
  12. SDSU at UND

    So is Molberg the guy next week.
  13. SDSU at UND

    I would of thought that Kotolencki would of had these guys in a better position (from a defensive outlook) to win this game. However the offense might do it for him. TD Greg Hardin 35 SDSU 21 UND. Still a way to go. Lets go UND!!
  14. SDSU at UND

    28 to 14 Und needs to get a stop. Zenner is a stud. Still a quarter to go.
  15. SDSU Predictions

    No It doesn't look that way.