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  1. They seem to be rather proud of the name.
  2. Who would those names offend?
  3. Dont forget lawyer fees etc etc etc. There was an article that came out and the figure was 2 million if I remember correctly.
  4. Why should I show proof??? I never said anything in regard to any of those schools. You just lied to fit your usual troll narrative.
  5. You still havent provided proof that NDSU was looking to the MVC and wanted to make that move. Whats even more interesting is in all of my conversations with GT he never once mentioned it. But you say other wise. You are again just making stuff up.
  6. Timelines would be way off.
  7. If you dont have that information. Why didnt you say so.
  8. Do you have a link where it shows NDSU admin was pursuing MVC membership? All Ive seen is fan talk of possibilities.
  9. Dont know what the issues are but there is something not going right. I think you are correct that the style of play is hampering some of these kids and to be truthful its not exactly the most exciting for the fans. Its boring as hell.
  10. Dupree was I totally different thing. Girl friend pregnant etc.
  11. I made no comment about the others leaving. Just the one.
  12. Now thats some paranoid extrapolation !!!!!! .
  13. It seems the kid has some people in his ear.
  14. Dont forget M & W Track and Field, indoors and outdoors. Not to mention cross country. Whole bunch of championships there.
  15. Well hes named pretty much every school that isnt in a big conference and some that are----so hes gotta get at least one right wouldnt you think?
  16. But hes dead. Perfect!
  17. I read it as a poitive but I can see that where that one sentence is interjected could make it iffy if one wants to take it that way..
  18. This is the post I was responding to---- He was one of their top recruits, BV was fawning all over him. But now he can't hack it. I am sure the coaches will be saying "he didn't have what it takes to play the Bison way", or some !@#$ like that. Like they have before."" Now I will respond to your comment--- Everytime somebody leaves a program---even at UND people speculate why the player is leaving. Some of the comments can be classless. I agree.
  19. What are you basing your opinion on?
  20. “I’m going to remember how much the coaches actually cared about the players,” Cook said. “You hear some schools where the coaches care about winning, nothing else. I mean that’s kind of the attitude that it was when I went to NDSU (North Dakota State) and visited there and was talking to them. It was hard for me to consider a program where they are focused more on the games to win rather than developing the players into men of character". Sounds like a reoccurring theme there at cow college. Very refreshing to have bubba and staff. Are you sure you are reading this as it is meant to be read?
  21. Not everyone can hack it. Total different ball game from HS. The move up can be a pretty big slap in the face when the shine wears off and you are looking at kids who are just as good or better than you are. Youre not top dog anymore. Plus after a time they realize they just dont have the commitment. Doesnt make any difference if you are a top recruit or not. You still have to prove yourself. Hes still in school from what I can tell. Lets see if he goes some place else.
  22. Thats all hes got. Oh and his magic 8 ball.
  23. What does your post have to with mine? Everyone knows there is a difference but that fact has no bearing on your prediction to move up.Plus NOBODY was talking about different levels of D1. Nice attempt at deflection. So which one you moving to? Oh wait I now see you moving the goal posts again.. The move to the MVFC is just a stepping stone while you improve your brand and funding. At which time you will get a huge donation-endowment which will help facilitate your move to FBS. Was I close??????
  24. Like the ones that were posted here about you going FBS for the last couple of years ????
  25. I wasnt aware that NDSU had applied for membership? As a matter of fact the only talk Ive heard is nothing more than speculation of what ifs on both boards.