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  1. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    I would say no, but what is also interesting as I looked into it is it’s extremely rare that a team that is truly an FCS/I-aa power moves up to FBS. In looking through it there only appears to be 4 in this history of FCS/I-aa. Marshall, Boise, Georgia southern and App state. The rest of the move ups have had very short lived success or not much at all. You could maybe add UMASS and Western Kentucky to the list, but I don’t think their success was long sustained in FCS.
  2. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    I actually wondered about that too. It certainly would change things in my brain if I was an 18 year old recruit. It’s also the reason that, as a fan, I would only want NDSU to move up to FBS if they were in a P5 conference. Which is highly unlikely/never going to happen.
  3. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    Those are both good examples that I would agree bolster your argument that a top FCS team would struggle. Interestingly, it seems that both App State and Georgia Southern did better initially following the transition up than they have the longer they’ve been in FBS. So it seems somehow the increased scholarships and more time in FBS have actually been a detriment to their success. Odd. I wonder if somehow they were actually more able to recruit better players at the top of FCS than they are at the bottom of FBS. Who knows, but it is interesting.
  4. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    Hold on... He brought up App State(one team, not many, and if they aren’t struggling in FBS)as some sort of coup that proved FCS powers couldn’t compete in P5, since they aren’t in a P5 conference, I asked him why he chose them vs Boise state. Boise state is equivalent to App state and neither of them are P5. As you agreed there are no examples of P5 teams that were once FCS powers so we are left to the realm of speculation, which is what we are all doing in this discussion. All that said, we could arguing nuances of this hypothetical situation all day, but I’m more interested in your take on both the OP’s original point that NDSU would go 8-5 in the SEC, which I wholeheartedly disagree with and also what you think about the idea that a top FCS team could go .500 in the SEC? So what do you think?
  5. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    He brought up App state, also not P5. There are no examples of recent FCS powers who are now in P5 conferences so the discussion is left to discuss recent FCS move ups to FBS.
  6. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    That’s sort of my point, what handicaps are we giving the FCS team in this impossible to know one way or another hypothetical?
  7. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    The Bama game would be projected as a loss to say the least
  8. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    I absolutely agree with your original premise. The current NDSU team playing an SEC schedule would beat maybe two of those teams. But give NDSU more scholarships, having half of those games at home and the cache of being able to tout themselves as an SEC team to potential recruits and I think a top FCS team could go .500 in the SEC most years.
  9. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    You put the 2015 or the 2016 App state teams in the SEC and I’d would be willing to bet they’d have been over .500 in the SEC.
  10. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    Did App state move to the SEC? Also, App state has been extremely successful in their move up to FBS, look at 2015 and 2016. I don’t follow them closely, so I couldn’t speak to why they are having a down year this year, but by and large they been doing very well in FBS football.
  11. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    One has to wonder why you didn’t use Boise state as the example
  12. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    Isn’t the internet magical?
  13. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    Whew! I just checked my phone and thank God I made it in before the hour deadline. I agree with you actually. To say that NDSU or any other top FCS team would compete week in and week out in a P5 conference isn’t correct if you ask me. The disparity in scholarships and depth of talent would eventually wear the FCS team down and they would have a very difficult time being competitive late in the year. That being said, I also believe that if you put a top FCS team in that P5 conference with the same scholarship situation and the same Home/away situation as a real member of that conference, I think they could be above .500 in that conference most years.
  14. Gameday vs Utah

    If trolling equals backing up statements with facts by quoting the posts I was referring to, then I suppose I would be trolling.
  15. Gameday vs Utah

    Hard to predict much past the upcoming year. I couldn’t even tell you who NDSU’s starting quarterback will be the next time NDSU and UND play. Given the current trajectories of each team, it’s hard for me to not predict an NDSU win in 2019, but that could change in an instant. My guess is Kleiman will get some serious looks following this year if the right jobs are open, so NDSU may even have a new staff in 2018 or 2019.