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  1. World Junior Championship News

    It was for me too - try this instead - http://www.ustream.tv/channel/iihf-finland/pop-out
  2. Western Regional

    I just got off the phone with REA ticket office as they called to upgrade my SRO tickets to reserved seats like others had mentioned. They said I could pick up the tickets next Mon-Wed (23-25) at REA or they would be available game day (27th) at Scheel's Arena.
  3. Anyone having problems with NCHC.tv tonight

    Did you ever get this to work? I'm getting the same thing tonight.
  4. Western Regional

    They're still calling - just got 2 SRO. Not sure of my number - but definitely wasn't expecting a call.
  5. Viewing options for Sioux hockey games this season

    I'd like to see an update on this as well.
  6. TV Coverage

    CableOne - where are you
  7. 2013 NCAA TOURNEY - 2 wins to the Steel City

    To really put that in perspective you also have to remember that in 2011 they traveled to St. Louis where they got pounded by CC. That trip was 1050 miles (by air). So in 12 years they travelled 550 miles or an average of about 45 miles per year. I checked my math twice as that almost seems impossible but that's what it is.
  8. CONTEST TIME - guess the scoring line combo

    Mark from Mitch and Simpson
  9. Happy Holidays Jersey Contest - Pick em

    MacMillian - Kristo - Forbort
  10. UND/Midco 5 year contract

    Any news on CableOne and Midco working things out?
  11. NCAA TV Schedules/Options

    Should clarify that, those channels are for FSN, CableOne doesn't have FSN+
  12. NCAA TV Schedules/Options

    33 - SD 431 - HD
  13. Sale pending - if it falls through I will update this post. Thanks
  14. SOLD - first person that contacted me. Good luck everyone with getting tickets!! Couple of people in my group are not able to go. We paid extra so looking to get money back - asking $800 for the pair. Club Level - C36, Row 3, Seats 11/12 for both Thursday and Saturday. Located in Fargo but will ship. PM me here or txt 701-219-4226 Thanks