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  1. Great history lesson, thanks! Now time to find away to change 42nd.
  2. This letter made my week. Kudos to these anonymous men! Quality players off the field means quality players on game day.
  3. Does Under Armour even make hockey jerseys? Seems nike or rebock might have the upper hand?
  4. I listened to her speak once and could not understand anything that was said. Too many unnecessary and flowery words.
  5. true, hence the library saga.
  6. Whoever develops the park will certainly get a significant amount of tax credits.
  7. I have received two flyers in the mail about developing Arbor Park. I don't care either way, as it will not change my Grand Forks experience either way. Just seems a little suspicious that some money is being put into single vote issue by the develop Arbor Park crowd. Truthfully, I wish the council would have just made the decision as they are elected to do for these type of issues.
  8. I remember eating at one in the twin cities a couple years ago. The best I remember was food decent, kinda more upscale then Green Mill, and seemed like a good bar scene.
  9. How great is it this topic even exist! Such a great program turnaround by Bubba and crew!
  10. Dickinson State will be cutting Baseball and Golf
  11. You are welcome! Thank you for being you.
  12. I don't think an 18 year kid cares where is parents are staying on game day. if that is a major reason why recruits chose a school, well let's move up to FBS and take on Bama.
  13. I think a game against Air Force would bring a decent crowd.
  14. Here is a list of all the D1 arenas and capacity. No doubt playing in the Ralph would put us in the better half of the list.
  15. I almost find it terrible for football besides the great crowd noise! But there is another board for that complaint. Anyway, just read an op-ed piece in the WSJ about how the NCAA should stop Final Fours in large Football stadiums due to a loss of "coziness". Can someone tell me the size difference between a hockey rink and basketball court.