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  1. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Minnesota

    Well my night is made
  2. 2017 Attendance

    well said! See you at the Alerus
  3. UNC Predictions

    I know nothing about UNC, here is hoping to a UND win by 7 or less! But afraid it will be a los of 14 or more
  4. 2017 Attendance

    That would be a very respectable turnout with how the season is going.
  5. UND Football Strength & Conditioning

    Maybe Jay Cutler can be our next S&C coach after the Dolphins this year. Nothing says peak performer like this guy!
  6. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    I'm coming for plus 4, but bringing two first timers. Really hoping for a decent crowd.
  7. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    estimated attendance next home game? 8,000 or does homecoming boost it to 10k?
  8. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    Just when i think each loss it the bottom, it just keeps getting worse.
  9. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    If our defense wasnt so terrible tonight, might be a different game.
  10. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    Gonna be a long flight home tonight for the team. Maybe they should just bus it back
  11. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    We have 18 and 19 year olds against 22 23 year olds. Thats a huge advantage in size, speed, experience...
  12. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    Holy, a 3rd down stop!
  13. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    Soon we cant even field a 9 man team
  14. Gameday: UND @ UC Davis

    Wow, there is Santiago of 2016!
  15. Davis Predictions

    Ouch! I really hope that is not the outcome