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  1. Improving the game day experience

    Why has it taken so long just to do something as simple as colored walls?
  2. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    Fall camp sure has been brutal for injuries and other distractions. Hope this is all the bad mojo, but starting to worry a bit.
  3. Improving the game day experience

    Friday prep rally before home games would be pretty sweet.
  4. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    When we when the N.C i expect a similar video. https://youtu.be/7gsF2JOu6j4
  5. 2017 Attendance

    Bought 2 for the opener and 4 for homecoming.
  6. 2017 Attendance

    A Friday town prep rally is an excellent idea! Can you get on the gameday is committee?
  7. 2017 Season

    I was one of earlier leavers at the USD and consider myself the good luck charm for heading out! Anything to help the team
  8. 2017 Season

    How does Duke/Kentucky handle late November FB games? Do they avoid butting up against basketball or there enough fans to go around?
  9. What do you think of the logo now??

    Geeze how is this still an issue! It doesnt matter if you like it or not, the battle is over. Almost as bad as southerners who keep fighting the Civil War.
  10. 2017 Season

    Any idea when games times will be released? Want to buy season tickets, but work on every weekend UND is at home. Would buy some if games started later then 1pm.
  11. 2017 Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Nominations and Awards

    As the great Woody Hayes would say 3 yards and a cloud of dust. #PoundThePigskin
  12. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    What a great and well researched article!
  13. former players

    Disappointing he could not keep up in the NHL, really liked the kid while at UND. I am no hockey guru, but what was the main reason for poor production?
  14. College Hockey Expansion

    The horror!
  15. Beer

    Grain Belt Blu is pretty awesome..be sure to get as much as possible now. I usually leaves around August