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  1. I can't remember but I noticed I had to pay extra the playoff game, did we have to last season as Well?
  2. I just heard Wilkie is leaving to go to CC. Sit this year And play the next two with his brother
  3. Pogo C, A's are Olson, Simo, Gardner http://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/und-hockey/4249028-poganski-named-new-und-mens-hockey-captain
  4. I suppose since you said no Duluth fans were shot is because so few showed up?
  5. What's this? So is Jost just along for the ride on line 4 then?
  6. They should implement the nhl rule about dumping the puck out of zone into the crowd penalty. BU had a bad habit of doing that in Friday's game
  7. I too heard rumors of this from credible sources at the Ralph around that Jan-Feb time. As for Jost, he was in the Red Pepper late Friday night telling everyone he would be back. Credible sources there too
  8. Goal brock
  9. It's going to be a tough win without Tucker
  10. Probably be me. I'm leaving at 1130
  11. Anyone have tickets in 106? I just received mine and that's where I'll be. Do we shoot twice on this side?
  12. Some games in December they played it over 10 times a game and that wasn't including the one during the march in 2nd intermission. It was getting old. If that is the case, maybe the band should have played it more to get the team motivated Some this last home stretch
  13. Well they are Not playing the Beer song 3 times a period so they did broaden it a bit
  14. Hey this is a nice change of pace. It's 2 0 after the first and we are the ones with 2
  15. How can you Not? He's suppose to be on the point Not in the middle of the zone