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Regional Rankings are based on computer formula. It has al ot to do with SoS. UNO has beaten NWMSU while UND's best win is probably CWU. UNO ends up ahead of UND because of this. Had Pitt St. beat NWMSU last week, it would have hurt UNO SoS and UND probably would be #1 right now. Either way, it's really not a big deal right now.

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How can GVSU be #1 in the national poll and at the same time #3 in the region?
Polls are conducted by voters, who are taking into account previous years' performance (e.g. "GVSU is still #1 until someone beats them"). The SOS formula is only looking at what GVSU has done this year, which is generally beat a lot of mediocre teams. I talked a little about this in Football regional rankings released, but the key takeaway is the D-II win percentage of each school's opponents:

UNO .5171

UND .4638

GVSU .4286

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