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I`t don`t matter who wins Sat. Night the gophers will play in their backyard win or lose and CC will go to Ann Arbor. the gophers could end up a number 1 or 2 or 3 seed they will play at home regardless if they lost to mankota they would be playing at home .(kinda sad how teams like CC gets sent out even though they are the best team like denver last year had to play Mich. at Mich. even though they won the wcha and the Final Five and the sioux had to do the same thing a few years ago.

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Unless the NC$$ makes a rule that says a team can't play in their home arena, I'll take that bet. I'll bet you anything you want. A dozen oranges, a signed copy of War & Peace, batteries to your TV remote, anything. The NC$$ is all about money and therefore UND will be playing at home in the 2006 tournament.

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The current rule is this:

If a school hosting a regional is in the tournament, they play at that regional site.

That's why Minnesota will play at Mariucci,

that's why Michigan will play at Yost.

BU is a host somewhere this year. They aren't hosting in their barn however, but they will play in the regional that they are hosting.

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