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Will the Al get it in the next few years? I hate the look of the current turf and the players need something with a little more cushion. Also, the SIOUX in the endzones looks pretty plain. Try a different "font" and add some more color I say.

I hope they make this change ASAP. The turf change in Bismarck has been a huge improvement. I would hope that the money could be put together to give our athletes the best possible surface available.

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I doubt that it can be rolled up because of the way it is installed. This is the web site for field turf.

But FieldTurf is much more than just the absence of abrasions. Unlike traditional turf, FieldTurf does not rely on an underlying shock pad for safety, resilience and player comfort. Rather, like its natural grass cousin, FieldTurf
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The Georgia Dome, Metrodome, Edward Jones Dome(Saint Louis), Rogers Center (Toronto), etc. do just fine with it.

I figured it couldn't. Do these places leave thier turf down all season long because the Alerus doesn't. That's why I asked the question. Someone compared it to "The Bowl" in Bismarck and I know its been an improvement but they don't have to roll it up for anything. Same as the field in Augustana. I think that could be a drawback to putting it in a domed stadium that usually only has the turf down Friday through Saturday maybe Thursday some weeks

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Can field turf be rolled up and put away like the turf is now.

Rolled up? No .... but ....

Perfect for the Multi-Use Facility

Convert quickly and easily from sports events to conventions or concerts. Professionals depend on the flexibility of staging sporting events right on top of FieldTurf with no damage to the surface. Solid load bearing capacity of the patented sand and cryogenic rubber infill system allows vehicles to drive directly on the surface. Installed in 2005 at the Rogers Center, FieldTurf

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