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do u think the sioux will make it?


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Yes, I think they can. The road to Buffalo will not be easy, though. I see that USCHO predicts a first round matchup for the Sioux with Boston College in the East Regional, with Cornell (and their hot goalie) a possible opponent in the quarterfinal. Both would be tough opponents. But I always say, "To be The Man, you have to beat The Man." So, bring it on.

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I'd have to agree with sagard. The way the predictions for the west and midwest regionals are shaping up, it's hard to like anyone's chances there; someone has to win though.

It's funny that the east school fans think just opposite of us; better to be sent west and beat up on the teams there than to have to beat the teams from HE.

Interesting; we'll soon find out.

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i like our chances out east. remember, we haven't lost a non-conference game all year including a win against michigan (#8) early in the season.

it seems in years past when we move away from the wcha hold-fests into the more open play of the east we do better. i feel that the wcha has the weakest officals for fast play. the officiating in the wcha is taylored more to big, tough clutch and grab teams (ex. denver) rather than the open ice teams (ex. sioux).

once we move away from the final five a whole new style of hockey games begin.

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Admittedly getting ahead of myself, it would be fine with me if the Sioux got sent out East for obvious reasons. But, we've had to play BC so many times in the NCAA's in the past 5 or so years that I personally would prefer a different first-round opponent. Not sure who else that would be, and obviously it's better to play BC than no team at all, but it's pretty draining living in Boston and disliking BC so much (out of respect), to have them be the opponent right away. (I have to deal with BC all year long and listen to how "great" they are.... Worse thing is -- they are tough.) Of course, BC fans are probably wishing they'd have a different team to play in the first round, too, given the past history (and the big revenge factor) -- so maybe it would be a good thing. And, I do believe they definitely can be beaten. They've had their own shaky goalie problems (get to him early and often) and other breakdowns lately. There is no denying it would be a heck of a game!!

(I also hope if it turns out that ND plays BC out East that there are tons of North Dakota fans in attendance to cheer on the Sioux! Just like how those of you back home have to deal with hearing M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A, I'm tired of hearing the BC counterpart of E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles, Eagles, Eagles -- remember that little kid with the maroon and gold Dr. Seuss hat in Albany in 2001 leading that cheer (and maybe in Prov. in 2000, too)? I think he's finally retired (or had to go to boarding school or something), so maybe it won't be so bad next time 'round if it happens....)

But, now back to the moment -- Good luck to the Sioux against MN-Duluth TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Have a great time, Sioux fans -- wish I could be there in person to help cheer them on. But, I will be watching either on TV or listening to the feed. Go Sioux!

P.S. Not sure if the officiating out here will be any better than out west. There's plenty to complain about in HE, too, but having only seen 1 Sioux game this season in GF, it's hard to compare.

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