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Good Luck Tonight..


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Gonna be an awesome game. The two biggest baddest mothef'ers on the college hockey block going toe-to-toe & blow-for-blow.

What Gopher team shows up tonight-- the one that decided to play the last 10 minutes of the game yesterday or the one that played 60 minutes in the Final 5 championship

what und team will show up-- the one that let in 4 goals in 10 mintues or the one that dismantled Michigan in the 3rd period.

Anyway, good luck to both squads and may the winner represent the WCHA proud in St. Louis

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THanks cujo2.

Really, if the team that showed up last night for UND shows up tonight it will be a spirited game, for sure, but Minnesota will win. We can't expect to give up 3 goals in the first 5 minutes to the Gophers and expect to come back.

We have to come out firing, playing smart and physical, take shots, follow it to the net, get Frazee rattled and limit Gopher opportunities.

ESPECIALLY powerplay. Minnesota's powerplay is scary regardless of the numbers.

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