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Maybe you have this linked somewhere, but if not, would be nice to have links to the coach's show. WDAZ puts up the football show at http://www.in-forum.com/av/asx/undcoach.asx.

Are similar coach's shows done for hockey?


How could you guys have forgotten the most important website outside of North Dakota,www.rutgershockey.com. Actually, we have a club hockey team that plays mostly other colleges in New Jersey,Delaware, Pennsy., etc. It has been operating on a shoestring budget for years and there seems to be almost no movement toward starting a NCAA Division 1 program. We seem to have every sport there is----baseball,basketball,football,wrestling,lacrosse,crew,volleyball,tennis,golf,gymn

astics,soccer,field hockey,cross-country,track and field,softball,swimming,fencing---everything except hockey.

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Eric Carlson maintains a list of links for ALL college hockey which covers that subject pretty thoroughly (including Rutgers). The links page started here because his list was offline for a while; I keep it up now because he doesn't keep as thoroughly up-to-date on D-I specifically (we have a lot of fan sites and so forth linked that he doesn't keep up on).

That page was for hockey links only. The link to the football coach's show has been posted on the football front page each week as soon as I notice its refreshed to the most recent show.

Thanks for all the feedback!

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