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He would be a good pickup


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this is no surprise. this kid has taken the amateur spotlight for a while. he played at shattuck a couple of seasons ago with zp and all the other ssm sioux. he has been the projected #1 pick in the 2005 or 2006 (forgot which one he'll be eligible for) nhl draft for quite a few years. he even made an unofficial visit to UND when zp played here (i believe his freshman year). he has since given up his eligibility by playing major junior up in canada last season and this season too i would imagine. he was plugged by wayne gretzky last year in an article as the next player to likely break his records...quite strong words for a such a young kid. we'll at least get to see him this winter at the wjc's. his name has been mentioned on different threads on this forum in the past, but it appears he is on the fast track to the nhl and college is way out of the question. even if there wasn't the major junior rule in the ncaa.

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Sidney Crosby? Is that name for real. I've never heard of him.

I've also heard this guy named Gretzky or something is thinking about coming out of retirement and wants to get an education and play hockey, the Sioux should think about looking at him. Anyone else hear anything?

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Crosby is very much for real. You will be able to see him play in the World Junior Championships in Grand Forks this winter.

You see that up there... Look up ... Higher

Yes that is me and ScottM's sarcasm going over your head.

The topic of Sidney Crosby has been discussed many times. In fact I remember discussions about him before using my current name.

A quick search - yes there is a search button, reveals this posted by Schmidtdoggydog well over 1 year ago. There is several discussions since then.

Crosby Forum

Welcome to the site Siouxhockey78, but please don't post something like this until searching for previous discussions. Everyone on this board is familiar with Sidney Crosby, he is easily the hottest prospect since Mario L.

Really I'm not trying to be an a-hole, I'm just a very sarcastic person. :p

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