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  1. He would be a good one to get I wonder what the chances he visit since he's a East Coast Kid
  2. Is Omaha the new hot bed for recruiting for UND
  3. Lets hope and pray they all make it here I am getting excited for this season to start
  4. I wanna say he's been banged up a bit last year
  5. yes Anticipated Arrival at UND: 2014
  6. Impressed me with his numbers for only being 16 I like r chances on getting him
  7. I want all 3 Petterson Doughtery and Gropp
  8. why does he wanna leave ohio state
  9. Looks like a great goalie not sure if we can actually rank him as #3 I believe he has a shot at making the other 2 work for their spots
  10. ah that sucks but good pick up for Duluth if that's true
  11. anyone got idea who UND is looking at for future goalies and Gropp got rookie of the year at the age of 16 and not committed what's everyone's thoughts on this guy
  12. I agree but you still have to show interest in the blue chippers but I am more of fan of getting the right players
  13. Not a bad batch of awards for Stecher and Murphy plus 16 yr old Gropp got rookie of the year he would be a nice get
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