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UND (1-2) @ Milwaukee (3-1) 11/19 7 PM

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9 minutes ago, ND-fan said:

The question I have about Sather is can he coach this group of players and get them to winning or at least the potential to win a game.  If not were going to see massive changes next year and total rebuild of personnel which may lead to several years of loosing. The problem with that is can UND keep the program viable and attract players and fans back to the game.  I think Sather is old school basketball but problem with that is now at division I  basketball we have moved to the newer school of basketball where game starts from outside to develop the inside game. What I hear from him is the opposite which concerns me because the talent pool good division I players for small mid majors is the new school. I think Sather can be good coach but I believe he's on shorter leash than previous UND coaches because of need to get program rebuilt quicker to compete in the Summit conference. I also got to believe he's on learning curve to moving up division in basketball. I believe he can do this because he's been successful where he's been in the past. I sure hope they can give the resources that he will need to build successful program. Also getting back to coach Jones for all his naysayers you may find he was doing a lot  better job keeping this program together will less resources and the job he did will begin to appreciate in the future.

Regarding your last sentence, if you would care to PM me, I will shed some light on this for you.  It is not appropriate to post it here.

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