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UND (9-15, 3-8) @ SDSU (19-6, 9-1) 2/9 4:15 PM


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UND had a chance to revenge a loss against the in-state rival, then the Bison threw a 1-3-1 zone, had a 10-0 run, and this was all she wrote as the Bison swept UND for the first time in 20+ years.  The road doesn't get any easier today as UND heads down I-29 to take on league leader SDSU.

UND did put up a good fight against SDSU at home and nearly knocked them off, but as been the case the last two season, failed to make the clutch plays and stops.  SDSU is finally acting like the league favorite everyone expected them to, led with the 3 pronged attack from Mike Daum, David Jenkins, and Skylar Flatten.  Daum went for 34 point and 21 rebounds in the last contest, but UND did shoot better from 3 than SDSU did.

We will see if Avants will go today or not, but I am starting to wonder if Avants might have played his last game in an UND uniform.  Without his size, it is going to make life more difficult for UND against Daum.  UND is going to have to figure out:  Can they live with Daum having another big game and shutting everyone else down or will they try to slow Daum down enough to make a difference.

UND needs to look at these last 5 games as the tournament right here, right now. They are tied for 7th in the league standings (they do hold the tiebreaker over WIU for head-to-head).  After SDSU, there is probably the two best chances for UND to get wins: ORU and DU.  Personally, I think they need to win both to feel "safe" for Sioux Falls.  However, that is no guarantee.  If UND fails to make it to Sioux Falls, it is an absolute disaster of a season. You are 24 games into the season now, the youth and inexperience cards should have been ripped up a long time ago.  The team needs to figure out how to close games down the stretch and stop making the same mistakes over and over and over again. 

The Call:

SDSU is rolling once again and the should have no problem with this UND squad. 

SDSU 88-69

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