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Hajdu leaving UND


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Check out @JaysonHajdu’s Tweet:

I think ive come to appreciate Jaysons' professionalism and the work he has put into the job. Tis a loss for the program.

I respected that he used to come on here and address things every now and then.

Although I still question the team tracksuit wear on the roadtrips??... 

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Regardless of what you may think about Jayson as an all-sports SID, he was a great guy.  I met him when we were both attending UND and have remained in contact since.  I've had the fortune of working with him outside of UND and he was great.  I know UND, the NCHC and the NCAA hockey community are going to miss him.  He will be missed and I'm sure this is a nervous time for him.  It's great Amanda has this opportunity and it's tough to move your family but I'm sure he will do well in any future jobs.

I'm very familiar with the difficulty of leaving a position and company you know so well for the unknown and I applaud both of them for taking this jump.  I'm hoping he lands in a less stressful, less time consuming athletics job (are there any?) and is able to continue to do what he does best.  But you can never get back that time with your children and family and that's what is most important.

Congrats Haj.

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Thinking of all the important pieces of the program that have needed to be replaced in the last 10 years is amazing the standards that have been upheld.

Hak, Eades, Goehring, Hadju,.....Sweeney...

We need to make sure Brad and Tim NEVER NEVER EVER can leave.... like someone needs to offer up their "it puts the lotion on its skin" pit if they seem to get a little restless

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Jayson has been a tremendous asset for UND. I absolutely loved the in-game live chats he co-hosted with Brad. Do they even do those anymore? I got away from logging in when they changed formats a few years back. Anyway, Jayson was always very candid and had a great sense of humor...every once in a while I’d successfully sneak an off-color comment or a subtle jab (all in good fun) past their watchful eyes. Without doubt, those chats were the next best thing to being at the Ralph.

I wish him well.

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