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Sioux Survivor Game #1 2018-2019

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Final Picks for tonight:

Round 3:
UND WFO78Mismash, Colton, Hain
SiouxperDaveMismash, Jasper, Jones
SiouxTupaMismash, Jones, Colton
hrkac – Mismash, Jones
SiouxScoreGardner, Mismash, Jones
FGHTNSX Hawkey14Mismash, Jordan, Jones
Hawkster Mismash, Jordan, Jones   

Stack – Mismash, Gardner, Adams
axnecorl – Gardner, Jordan, Mismash
snova4 – Mismash, Jordan, Gardner
UNDMOORHEAD – Gardner, Jones, Colton
Youldy – Mismash, Jones, Gardner
Reformed Gphr Fan – Gardner, Jordan, Jasper

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