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Top 5 Defensive Players Not Named Cole Reyes


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1. Donnel Rodgers - special player with a blazing fast first step. Good thump on his tackles. Looked like a vet as a fr. The sky is the limit.

2. Tank Harris - unsung hero of the d. Allows the LBs to roam free. Eat blocks for breakfast and plugs lanes with ease.

3. Austin Ceislak - just mauls OTs when he's healthy. Some games last year he was our best player. Needs to stay healthy and be consistent. 

4. Jake Disterhaupt - nasty ass player with bad intensions. Speed for days and has a knack for making plays. Always around the ball.

5. Jade Lawrence - basically a younger Disterhaupt. Made a ton of nice plays last year as a fr. Great tackler. 

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1.  Without question it's Donnell for me.  Have had a man crush on him since seeing him last year in practice.  Unbelievable first step, very athletic and very defensive minded....wants to be in on every play and make it count.   Love that guy. 

2. Bennett.  He is very similar in style of play with Donnell. Very disruptive on the edge.  Plays at the deepest position for UND so he somewhat gets overlooked because of heavy rotation.   Stud!  

3.  Tank.   Monster!  Crazy athlete for 300+ lbs and is the most vital individual in a 3-4 D.  

4. Disterhaupt.  Smaller guy but plays like a honey badger out there.  Goes 100% every play and very bouncy. Could see him excelling with the move.  Great great guy as well. Very dedicated  

5. Torrey.  Talent talent talent. Great hips and height for a CB and with a year under his belt I would expect an even bigger jump in production.   Thought he was our best cover guy last year. 

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