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I'd like Kent Lovelace response


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As i was getting ready to leave UND, the aerospace dept was adding Asian Ab Initio training.  the staff towing the company line was this was asian students that would not affect american born pilots from working in the US.  Now the DOT has approved Norwegian Air to operate flights in the United States.  Norwegian Air is crewed by Thai and Singapore based flight crews. 

Norwegian Wins DOT approval

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While I understand the effect this has on American pilots and that Norwegian Air is not piloted by Norwegians, UND Aviation has trained Asian pilots for decades, since at least the early 1990s.  That's nothing knew.  Kent Lovelace is not employed by the DOT.  So, perhaps there is a better tree to bark at? 

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1 hour ago, Cratter said:


What other company/job/teacher would ever declare "You american born employees won't have to worry about us training and employing them foreigners!" :silly:

Or did I miss something?

To fly US registered aircraft you have to be trained in the US with US ratings, now with Norwegian Air getting the right to operate Irish flagged aircraft using a 3rd party not rated in Ireland but in Thailand or Singapore that is no longer the case.

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