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In Regina today and going to my first Riders game. Came up mainly to watch Dressler, but realized we'll get to see Tillman too as they are playing BC. Going to be hanging a Sioux flag in the end zone.

Yeah, but the question is, will you be able to see anybody through the smoke?   Seriously, is anything noticeable up there still?

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Riders lost by 3, but it really wasn't that close at all. Cold and rained the whole game so that was sort of rough. Makes me really appreciate the Alerus. Stadium was still almost full, and was a great environment for most of the game. Cool intro, they put on a good show.

Dressler had around 4 catches for 75 yards. With the weather conditions, there wasn't a lot of success in the passing game. He carried the ball once for a first down. It was a lot of fun to see him play again. I'd say his jersey his he most common one that I saw up here both at the game and in stores. He got the biggest ovation by far during starting lineup.

Tillman didn't play much accept to receive kicks, no big returns. We got his attention with our Sioux flag during warmups and got a thumbs up.

The Riders are now 0-4 and from what I can tell it is because their defense is horrible.

Their stadium is old and dilapidated. Currently building a new one not far away. We walked a mile to the game, through a run down getto that is adjacent to the stadium. Didn't feel safe at all, took a different route back along a major thoroughfare with better lighting.

Regina seems like a dirty town.

I'd do it again, bu t would hope for better weather.

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