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Independence Day 2014


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On this day (or close to it, if you know your history), the United States declared its independence from tyranny. Our nation's Founding Fathers and the men and women who dared to believe in this new country were indeed incredible people. We have endured multiple wars on our own soil since then, including one amongst our own citizens. We witnessed Pearl Harbor and a good chunk of our naval fleet destroyed - and our resolve was tested to its limits. We watched the rise of the abomination of Naziism and America's greatest generation, together with its allies, did nothing less than save the world. We have seen our leaders assassinated, most recently in the 1960's, and we sadly carried on. We survived the Cold War and 9/11/2001. We were - and we continue to be - the United States of America. May God bless our country and may God bless the men and women, those deceased and those still living, who have served her proudly since the day she was born, July 4th, 1776.

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