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There is discussion on the Vandal site with a link to an artice. Is this a done deal? If so, in my opinion, this is a shame for the university.

See you in Moscow. Go Vandals.

Yes it is a done deal. The Fighting Sioux is going to be retired. UND had no choice if they would have kept the name they would have been thrown out of the Big Sky, and teams would start banning their school from scheduling UND.

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The patient is dead.

Only machines are keeping it alive.

No one has the scrotal nuggets to kick the plug out of the wall.*

*And before some of you jump all over me for the "insensitivity" of that, I've made that call for an immediate family member in the last 12 months.

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No it is not a done deal yet, although it looks like we are unfortunately getting closer and closer to the day when it is in fact a done deal. The one last glimmer of hope right now is the talk that Spirit Lake might file a lawsuit against UND and the NCAA which hopefully could block any immediate plans to kill the name and buy us some more time at the very least.

So you're telling me there's a chance?

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